The Truth Behind Drinking Lemon Water and Its Supposed Health Benefits

The Truth Behind Drinking Lemon Water and Its Supposed Health Benefits

When it comes to miracle cures, one beverage that is always recommended is lemon water. Water with lemon is often the go-to drink for celebrities, especially when they are talking about their standard morning beverage. It does not matter if the water is room temperature, piping hot, or even iced cold when it comes to lemon water, it seems that this drink is one of the most widely recommended beverages around.

Among the claims people have shared about the benefits of this particular drink, are that it helps people to detoxify their systems, that drinking lemon water will lead to the PH levels in the body being rebalanced, that skin conditions will clear up, and even claims that if you drink this first thing in the morning, you will aid in proper digestion throughout the day. Whether people claim that drinking lemon infused water will help with overall health or even one’s general appearance, it seems that there are a lot of benefits that are attributed to this relatively simple beverage. From clear skin to losing weight, there are plenty of people who turn to lemon water as their “cure-all.”

However, while there may be a lot of claims as to what water with lemon will do for a person, this does not mean that all of these assertions are accurate. In fact, it seems that while there are probably a lot of benefits to drinking lemon water, the reality is that most of the benefits do not come from the citrus portion of the beverage.

How Does Lemon Water Really Work?

The reality behind drinking lemon water is that it is the water aspect of the drink that is the most important. Not only is lemon water a great way to start the day, especially with how few calories are consumed, but it helps to increase a person’s overall H20 intake. As many dieticians will remind people, drinking water is important, and it does not matter if lemon is included or not.

By drinking a glass of lemon water, people are getting the benefits of simple water. With so many people struggling to get the required amount of water per day that they need, it can make it a lot easier for you to get your required daily amount of H20 simply by adding a flavor that makes it easier to drink in the long run. So many people give credit to the lemons that are added to the water, simply because it is the taste that makes it easier to consume the necessary H20 people need.

Increasing your water consumption leads to not only weight loss, but also skin that seems to be tighter and clearer, and it even helps with regulating bowel movements, especially for people who deal with constipation. Many people suffer from dehydration because they are not getting enough water in their diets, and when those same people replace sugary beverages, such as cola, with lemon water, they will find themselves actually losing weight and increasing their overall health.

Often it is this replacement of the usual drinks that leads to people giving credit to lemon water for the apparent miracles of better health that they have begun to experience. However, even if that slice or two of lemon were missing from the water, you would still experience all of the benefits that have often been associated with the miracle that is lemon water.

The reality is that no matter what temperature the water is or even what flavor you have added, you will experience all of the seemingly magical benefits that have often been attributed to lemon water. In fact, while lemon may contain Vitamin C, which is important for overall health, there is so little of the nutrient in a whole lemon that cutting it and adding it to water means that it is doubtful that people are getting any added benefits from the fruit.

While there may not be the magical benefits of lemon water that so many people believe there are, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with continuing to add the citrus to your drink. If it makes it easier for you to get in the necessary amount of water you need to stay properly hydrated, then adding lemon to your water is exactly what you need to do, and it will end up being just as important as any other health myth out there. Water is important for good health, and that means if you need a lemon to make it palatable then the magic of lemon water is real, at least for you.

Simply put, drink lemon water because there are plenty of benefits to this drink, even if the magic comes not from the lemons, but from the water itself.

Image by RedBull Trinker via Flickr