Our modern-day society has put too much pressure on women to take up the mantle of fighting for love and breaking (and sometimes broken) marriages. What ye men forget is that you have an equally significant responsibility on her. Maybe some men understand this, but they have no idea where to start. How about referencing the bible? Let’s get started.

Bible Verses That Command Ye Men to Treat Your Women like Queens

(Gen. 2:22), Your wife, is an awesome and unique creature.
Appreciate her strength and cover her weaknesses. They make her who she was created to be. And yes she is your rib.

(Psalms. 128:3) Handle her with care.
She is your fruitful vine; she will bring productivity and greatness in your house.

(Eph. 5:25) Always remind her why you chose her.
Don't be tired of telling her that you love her and give her assurance of your commitment. Women take it as security, and they cannot get enough of hearing it.

(Eph. 5:25) Love your wife unconditionally.
Love her with everything you have as instructed by the Lord. She is created to be loved, and in return, she will honor and respect you.

(Eph. 5:29) Appreciate and cherish her every day.
The more nourished she is, the more productive your lives become.

(Eph. 4:32) Be forgiving and compassionate.
Remember that you also make a lot of mistakes and she bears them all. She is your closest neighbor. Sometimes you will argue and fight, but your kindness in forgiving will keep you two cordial.

(Songs of Solomon 8:2), Her parents and siblings, deserve your honor.
They have been taking care of her before you found her. Take her to your parent's house; she will also honor and love them. That will give her security and a sense of belonging.

(1 Peter 3:7) Know her worth.
You are joint heirs; understanding this will ease life together. Your prayers will be received by God when you are humble and kind to her.

(Ecc. 9:9) Create time for her and enjoy your moments together.
Life is very short; she is meant to be your happiness. If she leaves you today, you will be very lonely. Cherish these memories.

(Matt. 5:4) Give her all your affection and be faithful.
Don't be trapped with other women. The Bible calls it adultery. It's very hurtful and disrespectful to your wife. The other women might appear better, but your wife is the best version of herself. That’s why you married her, right?

(Prov. 15:1) Be calm when talking to her.
This creates a good communication mood. Even when a difference arises, don't raise your voice. It’s always easier to solve a conflict in a calm conversation.

(Eph. 5:25) Take care of her wellbeing in all dimensions.
Encourage and support her: Especially spiritually. Read the Bible together and make it a habit to pray together. You are her role model she learns a lot from you as a leader. She grows in motivation under your leadership.

(Prov. 31:15) Appreciate her kitchen skills and enjoy her delicacies.
If they are not the best, enroll her in a cooking class or at least teach her. It’s a tough job to be in the kitchen every day.

(1 Cor. 7:4) Your body is her property.
Let her explore the sexual world with you. Fulfill her conjugal rights with a passion. She feels attractive and honorable.

(Gen. 2:24) Do not place her before your relatives.
She doesn't have to compete for your attention. If you honor her and give her due respect, your relative will do the same to her.

(Eph. 4:2) Give her a peaceful co-existence.
Your wife's peace of mind is crucial to you and the whole family at large.

(Pro. 31:28) Cherish her as the mother of your children.
It's quite a task to keep a home in order and still give attention to the children. The best thing you could teach your children is to love their mother. To them, she is the best.

(1st Cor. 11:12) In the instance of conflict do not humiliate or harm her.
There is always a better way to work out issues. She is God’s perfect design just like you are (she is a part of your body after all).

(1 Thes. 5:18) Give thanks to God for her.
She completes you and gives you happiness in life. She is a worthy jewel from your creator; you cannot afford to take her for granted.

The Bottom Line

You should always appreciate God’s creation and the gift bestowed on you as a wife. This is a commandment from above. Besides, it is still right to be a friend and a lover to your wife. Support her where she needs your help. Though she is your helper, encourage her, sacrifice what you can, she will be a more fabulous helper in return. Finally, work hard to keep the love burning throughout your lives together.

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