There are many people in this world who are religious, just like there are many religions. There are also those who would rather not choose to be religious. If you are someone who is religious, you may find that dating while being religious seems to be a lot harder, but is it really? What if it were possible to date while being religious, and what if it were possible to be happy? Below are a few ways this might be achieved. I have broken this article into two separate sections. The first section will be about those dating someone who is religious, while the other section will be about those dating someone who is not.

Dating Someone Who Is Religious

1. Search For Your Date Where Your Faith Is

Where to go for a first date? Consider going to church gatherings. There are many types of church gatherings, and not just the usual church service or Bible study. There are also church gatherings that may involve a guest speaker, an activity, or even a meal. The holidays may serve you well if you plan on dating someone new. You may not know where to go for your first date, but your faith may guide you to want to see if your date appreciates where and how you worship.

2. Try To Worship Together

Those who worship together may have a higher chance of wanting to stay together. Time may be difficult to keep track of, but if you make time for your faith together, you may be able to share what you have learned or hope to. If you plan on raising a family together, worshipping together will not only make things easier, but also more pleasant as everyone becomes more involved.

3. Accept That Beliefs And Values May Be Different

It does not matter whether you are religious or not, beliefs and values differ for each person. What you must do is to accept that even though you may share the same faith, you may not share everything about it together. This can either help you to grow in your faith or not, but if you are up for the challenge, then you may find this a lot easier to handle.

4. Accept That You Or Your Date May Become More Or Less Religious Over Time

Sometimes faith may not be enough for someone, so they may seek out help to restore their faith or they may look in an entirely new direction. This change may make either of you better supporters of each other, or it may be too great to sustain a relationship with this person. Perhaps dating someone who is not religious may be possible as well as dating someone who is.

Dating Someone Who Is Not Religious

1. Search For Your Date Where Your Beliefs And Values Are

You may not share the same religion, but you may share the same beliefs and values that make it possible for the two of you to like one another. You may not need to go to a church to find someone who is a worthy candidate, so the options of where to look are a lot broader.

2. Make Time For Worship For Yourself And Make Time For Your Date

Balancing worship and a date may be hard, but if both are equally important, you may very well decide to make time for the things that matter most to you. Try to incorporate ways to fulfill both needs. Hopefully, your date understands and is willing to be a good support to you.

3. Accept That You May Not Always Agree With Each Other

Even though you may share the same beliefs and values, you might still not agree with each other. Accept that you may not always see things eye to eye and that each new perspective is a way towards growth.

4. Accept That You May Or May Not Want To Date Someone Who Is Not Religious

You might decide that you want to date someone who is more religious or not, but as long as you and your date find what you are looking for, then perhaps you can still find a way to fulfill each other’s needs.

image credit: pixabay