Everyone will face being rejected at some point in their life, whether that is being rejected by a date you wish to have, or worse, having the perfect first date ideas all set in place, but then the date goes completely wrong, but what matters the most is how to deal with situations similar to these.

Since everyone gets rejected at some point, do not feel like you are ever alone in your struggles. First date ideas go wrong more than you know, and maybe it was meant to be. Instead, read on for more information on how you can overcome being rejected.

Since rejection is broader than just with issues regarding relationships, you may find this article helpful to show to your loved ones, because they may be secretly thinking that they are not being supported in the way that they need, and as a result, they are feeling rejected.

1. Plan For Success AND Plan For Failure

Everyone wants to plan for success, but what happens when you are successful? Do you not know how to be happy with being a success? Or, do you self-sabotage your plans and end up failing before you are successful? Know that failing in any way does not mean that you are a failure, you just might not have been prepared for what your plan had in store for you. Remember that planning and opportunity equal luck, and luck is all you need to succeed. If you do not succeed, then do not feel as though life is unfair. Life is unfair to everyone, so in a way, life is fair.

2. Always Have Options

Those who make plans for themselves have options, and those options may help. The one thing you want to be careful of is having too few or too many options, which could easily distract you from your main goal. Always have options in any decision so that you feel like you can decide the course of your life. Always feel like you are not trapped and that you can get what you want because having options is just one step to being in control of your life.

3. Be Easy On Yourself

Most people face rejection rather poorly. They see it as something wrong with them and not with what they were or are doing and what they were or are allowing into their lives. Being easy on yourself allows you to understand that you went wrong somewhere and that you can show yourself compassion when necessary in order for you to recover and try again. Always remember to allow nothing but good vibes, meaning that you should think positively and to start the day somewhere, even if that means getting out of bed because being rejected or failing at something is no easy thing to deal with.

4. Build A Support System

This should be easy because everyone struggles with rejection, so you are bound to find many people who also struggle the same way you do. By being around others who struggle, you will feel less alone. Feeling less alone will make you feel like other people have already done the same thing you did and failed, so it gets many people wanting to think about how to make things right again so that rejection is no longer the outcome. If rejection does happen, it will take the pressure off.

5. Create The Third Option When Necessary

Many people may see two options when deciding the pros and cons of a situation. However, there may be a third option lurking behind a corner that no one saw before. This means that you can combine both options into one or create a new one that is different from both. By having a third option, you may have less of a chance to be rejected and more of a chance to succeed.

To summarize this even further for those afraid of rejection or failure, you should want to plan for success and for failure, always know there are options so that you don’t feel trapped or forced to do things you don’t want to do, even create a third option when two or more options seem helpful, be easy on yourself when things go wrong, try not to be alone in your struggles, and most importantly, know that life is unfair to everyone, so it must be said that life is fair.

Do not fear rejection or failure, rather, use it to help you know what didn’t work so that you can plan for success instead. Also, allow nothing but good vibes!

image credit: unsplash