We all go through times when we are taking on more than we can handle, and sometimes the stress adds up to levels we weren’t expecting. This is when we may get irritated more easily, get into fights with loved ones, and nothing seems to go right anymore.

If you are trying to plan romantic date ideas for your partner to help them cheer up, then you may want to first think about ways to help your partner unload their stress in a healthy way. Romantic date ideas will then be the ultimate ending to their worries once the pressure is off, and they will thank you for it.

1. Be Supportive

This can mean one of two things, you could either say encouraging words to your partner every now and then when things are tough, or you can do things for your partner to help them get through the tough times faster. This does not mean taking on whatever it is your partner is doing or worrying about, but working on things around it so that your partner doesn’t have to do it.

For example, if your partner needs to stay late at work, you could do more of the chores around the house. If you don’t live together, you could ask your partner if they would like some help around the house while you are away, and maybe leave an encouraging note on a table so that your partner smiles when they see it. Being supportive comes in many forms, so you should never run out of ways to help your partner get through those tough times.

Give Your Partner Space

If your partner is needing space, then don’t be afraid of giving them time to recover. Your partner may need a lot of time to unwind after a grueling day at work or after worrying about something important. With enough space, your partner may feel relief soon and may want to reach out to you when things lighten up a bit.

Try not to make your partner feel bad in any way for taking some time to themselves, for example, by calling or texting them too much. This may make your partner crave even more space, and you don't want that. Your partner may begin to think that you are becoming too attached to them and they may suggest that you take some time out for yourself.

Take On Your Partner’s Workload

If you and your partner agree on this, both of you can take on the workload together. This means that whatever your partner is working on, so will you. Both of you can work on different parts of the same workload or get through it step by step together.

Either way, it will be a lot easier than going at it alone, and you may enjoy yourselves along the way. For example, if this is a school project, one person could write down the outline while the other person wrote down the introduction to the essay, or both of you could work on the same things together.

Spa Day

Stress tenses up the body, and what better way to relieve stress than to get a massage in a candlelit room? If you are the romantic type, then this may help your partner out a great deal. All you would need to get are some candles, lotion, a face mask, towels, something refreshing for your partner to drink or eat, and some relaxing music. Allow your partner to settle in before giving them the best massage of their life. Give your partner some time afterward to relax, especially if they need space. Make sure that you are careful not to talk too much or at all if you can help it during this time and allow your partner to enjoy the serenity of the spa day. This will help your partner feel no need to perform in any way as they relinquish control.

Romantic Dinner Ideas

No time for a spa day? Have your partner join you for a romantic dinner. Romantic dinner ideas are a great way to not only enjoy a great meal together but to have one on one time when the time is short. If you know what your partner likes to eat and where they like to eat, try reserving a spot and watch as your partner feels relieved when they hear that they don’t have to cook dinner or worry about the dishes.

You may not get much time to chat, but you will have a good memory as you see that your partner is taking good care of themselves by eating a hearty meal with you. If they don’t want to go out for dinner, then bring dinner home and do the cooking and cleaning yourself. Perhaps when you are feeling stressed, your partner will return the favor. This date may turn into one where both of you watch TV and eat junk food, but as long as you and your partner are happy, then that is all that matters.

Random Surprise Date

Do you have a list of date ideas that your partner enjoys? Allow your partner to randomly select one, or do so yourself so that they have no idea what to expect. Make this date extra special by working extra hard so that neither of you has anything to do for the rest of the day or night. This way, both of you get to enjoy a day or a night together and hopefully, both of you have plenty of time to chat, laugh, and live the good life together.

Make memories like this last and both of you may thank each other for it and may request it often. Do not be afraid to go bold with this list. Random date ideas make for an exciting adventure and something to look back on and talk about later. The best dates may even be the ones that were unplanned and had both of you mapping out the world together. Whatever arises, make sure to have fun together.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash