Whether you and your sweetheart have been together for five months or five decades, an anniversary celebration is a special time for the both of you to reflect on the commitment you have for each other, the good (and sometimes not so good) memories you have made together, challenges that you have overcome together, and simply, just the appreciation you have for each other. Whether you may have already planned a surprise beach vacation to Maui or are looking for some last-minute gift ideas, here are some small gestures that you can do to show your relationship together

Go Back in Time and Relive Your First Date

First dates are usually casual, so it should not be too challenging or costly if you want to recreate the experience. Take your significant other back to the same place you first met or had your first meal together. You can even wear similar clothing or rent out the same car model (if you drove).

If the restaurant you two ate at may have closed since then or maybe you two moved 800 miles away to start a new life together, you can still try to find similar places, such as a different restaurant, but with a similar menu or atmosphere. If you walked down Venice Beach for your first date, but now live in the middle of the country, you can still have a romantic evening walk along a lake or a stream or somewhere with a boardwalk. Remember, it does not have to be the exact same duplicate. Just try to recreate the same feeling. Your only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Create a time capsule for the day of your first date, first time you met, or the day of your marriage. If you cannot find the original thing or a replica, such as a Blockbuster VHS tape or a movie ticket stub, you can always work your crafty side and try your best to replicate it. Do not worry about its authenticity or accuracy, it is the thought that matters – as long as what it is supposed to represent is clear. At the end of your “first” date, give those items to your significant other in a small box or envelope as a keepsake. Decorate the exterior with the date. In addition, you can put anything that reminds you of each other and your relationship, such as song lyrics, photos, funny stories, important memories, trips, challenges you overcame, or put something on each subsequent anniversary inside.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

This can be a small-scale hunt around the house or a full-blown hunt around the city. If you are doing a small hunt around the house, you can leave a small gift, such as a necklace or a gift card to her favorite shop with the last clue, or have it be an invitation to a dinner reservation somewhere. If you are doing a large one around the city, you can leave questions and have the answer be the location of the next question. Surprise her at the last location – where you asked your significant other to be in a relationship, place of the proposal, and so on – with a gift, or a candlelit dinner, or a serenade.

Another way you can do a scavenger hunt is to create love notes – such as small memories you had together, photos from previous times, or romantic phrases – and hide them around the house for your significant other to find throughout the day or the whole week.

Show That You Care and Are Observant

Does your significant other have a physically demanding job which requires them to be on their feet all day? Book a spa day for the two of you to be pampered with manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. Is your significant other a coffee lover, but their mug is chipped, looking a bit stained and the Keurig is running low on cups? Surprise them with a brand-new box or K-Cups and a thermos. Perhaps your significant other loves to do yoga at home or is an exercise junkie. Buy them some new workout clothes, socks, a pair of headphones, or even book some exercise classes you can both do together. Maybe yesterday your significant other came home complaining about always losing their chapsticks. Think about something that you do every day that you can help out with or replace. It does not have to be expensive or even time-consuming. This is a great way to show that you care about them and listen to what they like or are interested in.

Go the cliché route

If you cannot think of anything right now, go the cliché route and give a coupon book. Get a few index cards, line them up and put a hole through them so you can bind them together with a keyring or a ribbon like a flipbook. You can write things like, “Redeem this coupon for a shopping spree with me” or “This coupon is good for a day without chores”. Sure, this idea may be overdone, but romantic and thoughtful, which is why this tradition still lives on.

An anniversary is a special day which represents how far you have both come together. It shows your commitment and love for each other and is worth celebrating. Make it even more special and romantic by using some of the ideas listed and have fun!