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7 Reasons Why We Should All Support Our Local Restaurants

It’s been a year since we first received lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic and many local businesses have taken major push-backs due to lack of sales. Now that we are all starting to go out again, I think we should remember a few reasons why we should go out and support our local restaurants.

Support the Community By Eating Local

Supporting your Community

Just remember that you’re supporting your local community when you eat locally. You’re circulating money back into your community and by doing so, you’re helping small businesses stay open. You’re facilitating new employment opportunities in your own neighborhood. Instead of investing in a major chain, your money is going to the community.

The Owner Cares

The Owner Cares- Local Resturants

Most small local restaurants are directly run by the owner themselves or their family. They are passionate about their business and you can tell by the work they put into it. They work long hours and rarely get a day off let alone a vacation.

A lot of effort gets put into creating your own restaurant. So by no means is owning a restaurant a get-rich-quick scheme. They do it because they are passionate about food and pleasing people. They genuinely care about your dining experience.

Healthier and Potentially Organic

Eating Organic

Small and local restaurants have a much easier time buying produce. They source their food from local farmers, offering their patrons options that are organic and sustainably sourced. If you aren’t too sure then you can always ask! And if they hear that you have an interest in supporting local farms, they just might oblige.

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Fresh & Quality Ingredients with your Local Restaurant

Fresh Ingredients

As mentioned before, local restaurants are more likely to purchase from local farmers. They want to make sure that the meals they are offering are fresh and free of preservatives or chemicals. Rather than solely focusing on the price, they take the time to feed locals delicious, hearty meals they feel proud to stand behind.

Its Better For the Environment

It is Better for the Enviornment

When you eat locally, the food doesn’t have to travel as far to arrive on your plate, so it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint.

So not only are you eating healthier, but you are also being more environmentally catious.

You Can Support Cultural Diversity

Diverse Culture-Local Resturants

While there is nothing wrong with eating from chain restaurants as Wendy’s or McDonald’s, no matter where you are from the menu hardly changes. But when you support local restaurants, it allows you to support the formation of local tastes, regional flavors, and real cultural distinction.

A New Experience

New Experiences

One of the very best reasons to eat locally? It can be fun and exciting! Can you take a risk on something you’ve never had before? Can you have new culinary windows opened to you? Can you truly support innovation in the kitchen?

When eating locally, you might find your new favorite dish or go-to restaurant when you don’t feel like cooking. With Chains? You know exactly what you are getting and it isn’t really exciting about it.

So support your local restaurants during these trying times. You never know when you will find your new favorite place to show off to your friends.

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