Are you bored of including the same old games in your parties? Are you in search of new, innovative games to make your parties thrilling and more entertaining? If yes, then you have just landed at the right place!

Booking an entertaining is always an option to make your parties more vibrant, but when your budget doesn't stretch far, these three fabulous food games are going to make your party memorable and simply mind blowing!

Although some traditional party games like "musical chairs" and "pass the parcel" will never lose their appeal, we assure you that these food games are going to rock your party!

1. Marshmallow Bowl Run

Some mess is good, right? If you feel your guests are losing interest in your party, just fetch some marshmallows from the kitchen and play Marshmallow Bowl Run. This surprisingly simple yet exciting food game will not just energize your guests but will also make everyone chortle gleefully!

Split your group into 2 teams make two hats, each having a plastic bowl taped securely to it. Put two large bowls in one corner and ask the teams to line up on the opposite corner. Ask the group members to wear their hats.

Next, give each team a bag of marshmallows. Now the team members fill their hats with the marshmallows and walk to the end where you've placed the large bowls. Now the aim is to tip the maximum number of marshmallows into the large bowls in a specific time.

The key is that the participants are not allowed to use their hands anywhere in the game: they just have to tilt their head to let the marshmallows fall into the bowl.

Sometimes the hat itself is going to fall off, and sometimes all the marshmallows are going to fall outside of the bowl, making your guests laugh insanely! But the fun doesn't end here: when the other participants are going to talk to the bowls, the poor marshmallows are going to get crushed under their weight, making it all the more sticky, messy and enjoyable!

2. Look out for eggs!

This super-exciting food game is going to make your guests adore your party! So what is this interesting game?

Firstly blindfold all the participants. Next spread cornflakes all around the hall (using eggs is going to make it very messy!) and tell the players to walk around the hall without stepping on the cornflakes.

You can also lay other food items on the floor such as candies, cabbages, onions, and lemons to make it all the more fun!

The mess and the squashed food items are going to make your guests go rolling on the ground with laughter!

3. The can can race

Rolling the can with the foot is fun but what if you have to roll it with your head? Now that's another level of fun now, isn't it?

Buy a few cans of soft drinks and line them all at a starting point. Now the participants have to push the cans placed in front of them using their head. Make sure you tie their hands on their back just to make it more thrilling. The participant to reach the end line first has to open the can and gulp it all in!

The player who can drink the maximum number of soft drink cans obviously wins the "can race.

Traditional games like "truth and dare" and "pass the parcel" are undoubtedly exciting, but these intriguing and enjoyable food games are going to make your friends eagerly await your parties all year round!