Relationships take work, this we know. You know what else takes work? Life!

Work, plans, celebrations, events and more are so time consuming, who even has time to date? And this doesn’t even account for the time you spend eating, sleeping, working out, and drinking your eight cups of water everyday. Whew!

But after all that, you still want to date, don’t you? You want to find that person that is so great to hang out with, go do things with, and sleep next to (and with.)

So in order to make more time, space, and feel less anxious (about having more time and space,) here are a bunch of things you can do to declutter and clean up mid-summer, so you can enjoy the end of the summer season to the fullest!

And don’t think you have to “deep clean” to get this feeling of cleanliness because you really don’t. Here are some easy and quick things you can do to free up some space, and make time for more dates.

  1. Clean out your closet and donate. You know there are clothes in your closet that you don't wear. Yes, you like it, yes, you want to keep it, but DO YOU wear it? If the answer is "no," it should go! And donate your stuff for extra feel goods.

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  1. Throw out old newspapers, magazines, brochures, mail and other things that are taking up space, in your place. These papers easily clutter the room and if you don't need them, don't keep them around.

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  1. Throw out your plastic bags. If you're like me, and everyone else I know, you have a bag, full of bags. Throw 75% of them out. This way when you need some, you still have them, but your bag of bags isn't stuffed and overflowing because you have so many.

  2. Go through your shoes. I have lots of shoes, I love shoes. And I keep them until they are unusable, broken, and busted before I even consider throwing them away. I can just see them now..I know of several pairs that are broken and need to be thrown away. I'll be right back.

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  1. Clean out your pantry! Ok, so this is a little "deep clean-y" but I just did this and I can tell you I had a good amount to throw away. Expired items, stale crackers and old popcorn, goodbye.

  2. Make your bed. I know it sounds easy enough but your bed is probably the main focal point in your room, right? So then when you make it, not only does the bed look nice, it makes the whole room feel clean. (Or at least cleaner.) And that’s the main point.

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  1. Clear off your counter. Again, this is something that seems so easy (almost as if it wouldn’t make a difference,) but it does. Take the extra papers (and follow number two if it applies,) or move them, put snacks and bread into the cupboard, and wipe the counters down. Having a clutter (and food free) counter will feel so much cleaner. Also, if you want to cook on your date night, you will have plenty of space to do it and someone can even sit and keep you company.

  2. Do a quick dusting. First of all, did you know that indoor air pollution is by far worse for you than outdoors? This is because the sun rays shine down outside and get rid of mold and bacteria, the wind helps get rid of dirt and (natural) debris, and the rain comes and washes it all away. But we don’t have this self cleaning system inside. So to get allergens out, we need to vacuum. To get rid of mold, we have to keep things clean and dry, and to get rid of allergens and dust, we have to dust. I don’t really know anyone who likes to dust, but it takes much less time than it seems like and will keep your house clean (and you not sick.) Not sick=more date time.

These tips and tricks will help your house feel cleaner, and you to feel less like you should be home cleaning and organizing, instead of going out on awesome dates. And really which is more fun? I choose dating.