As the seasons change and the years go by, so do the trends that shape our world. Fashions come and go, hair styles are in and then out, and even the lingo we use morphs as time goes on.

Lately, one of the trendiest trends (kind of a trend-ception, if you will) are the hottest "super foods" of each season or year. For the uninitiated, superfoods are eats that are rich in nutrients and all-around amazing for your body.

So, in today's world of health trends and clean eating, they're basically the trend to watch. Here are 10 superfoods that are going to make a splash in 2018, officially dethroning the likes of avocados, kombucha, and kale.

1. Mushrooms

These unsung fungi are finally going to get their moment in the sun.
Don't be surprised if you start to see mushrooms (especially the chaga variety) in everything from cold brew coffees to nutritional powders.

High levels of antioxidants mean mushrooms can actually increase the production of certain cells and support the immune system. Plus, they are anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and high in fiber, which will help soothe the digestive system.

But a word to the wise - unless you are trained in the art of identifying mushrooms (and we mean really trained, not "I read on Wikipedia" trained), don't go hunting out in the woods for fresh-picked 'shrooms. Some varieties are very deadly and they're often hard to tell apart from the safe fungi.

2. Cassava

You might recall this trendy veggie from the produce section of Whole Foods. Well, you're about to recognize it as a go-to baking flour alternative for those who suffer from bloating, IBS, or gluten intolerance. This is because they are an incredible, healthy source of carbohydrates!

Cassava is used as a soft powder in Bali and South Asia, mainly because it's a great Paleo, vegan-friendly, and nut-free option. Other benefits include vitamin C, copper, and folate.

3. Switchel

Move over kombucha! The hot new drink is Switchel, made up of apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, and maple syrup. There are tons of gut benefits, including easing inflammation, breaking down toxins, and providing potassium-rich electrolytes.

Brands across the country are already starting to create and sell this new, fermented drink in a variety of flavors.

4. Cricket Flour

For those of you who aren't repulsed by the thought of eating powder crickets, read on! For the rest of you, skip to superfood #5.

You read that right - cricket flour is about to become a mainstream source of protein. Believe it or not, crickets have about three times more protein than a piece of steak! The little critters are also filled with loads of magnesium and amino acids, and they're gluten-free.

5. Baobab

Containing more antioxidants than any other fruit, baobab dries on the branch and produces a powder that can help to restore skin complexion, heal damage, improve elasticity, and fight aging. It's naturally rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, and F, plus fatty acids, minerals, and B complexes.

6. Maqui Berries

Acai and goji berries have had their fifteen minutes of fame, which means it's time for a trendy new berry to steal the spotlight. And maqui berries are up to the task.

Full of fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, minerals, and a wide spectrum of helpful vitamins, these berries can aid digestion, boost metabolism, and help to regulate blood sugar.

7. Pink Pineapples

Your Instagram feed is about to become full of the year's funkiest fruit: the pink pineapple. Yep, it's a pineapple and it's pink. Does it get any trendier than that?

But this photogenic fruit isn't becoming popular just for the sake of aesthetic. The modified sweet fruit contains the same antioxidant, lycopene, that gives tomatoes their red color — which may play a role in preventing cancer.

8. Watermelon Seeds

The one part of the watermelon that you usually try to avoid is about to become highly sought after. Watermelon seeds are a great source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, protein, vitamin B, and magnesium. Think about replacing your chia seeds or flaxseed (say, in a nutritious breakfast bowl) with this new summer trend!

9. Moringa Powder

Supergreens superstars like kale, green tea, and matcha better watch out for moringa powder. This powder has incredible anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and it's packed with all nine essential amino acids, powerful antioxidants, and an unbelievable amount of iron, calcium, protein, and vitamin C.

10. Peas

An oldy but definitely a good, peas are finally beginning to be recognized for their true potential. These green veggies can be eaten dry, crispy, steamed, or raw. Free of allergens and proteins that tend to cause reactions, they're a great nutrient-packed snack, side, or supplement.

Image credit: Flickr via Marco Verch