Often, when we hear New York, we think of the great and fantastical land that is Manhattan. We believe in all the places frequented in the movies that so glorify this magical island.

We dream of getting big salads at that spot where Carrie and friends ate in Sex and the City, or tracking down the café from Friends (that was real, right?), or even more recently, following along with Dev Shah’s NYC foodie adventures in Master of None.

With its wide array of restaurants, old and new, diverse crowd of chefs and patrons, and some of the most accessible transportation hubs in the world, New York is a great place to be a foodie.

That much is obvious— but it almost seems as though Brooklyn gets no love…

When we hear Brooklyn, often we think of the hard times, but tough love artists like Biggie and Jay Z experienced from Brooklyn’s streets.

We believe of the negative connotations of gentrification in areas like Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg, and Crown Heights.

We think about the tension between different racial groups throughout the different boroughs. But, did you know that Brooklyn also has a lot of great places to date and dine?

And here’s something else Brooklyn has got a lot of wine. Here a few of my favorite places to hang, go on a date and get a truly memorable experience without needing to leave my native Brooklyn.

And keep in mind that Brooklyn is HUGE. I’m mentioning my favorites from my local Crown Heights/ Bed-Stuy area— but I’d love to hear mentions of your favorite wine bars in other parts of Brooklyn!

Therapy Wine Bar

Intimate and cozy vibe. Lovely decor—ode to hip hop and R&B. Great wine selection. Cute outdoor patio.

Friendly and attentive bartender. I had a red wine cocktail—previously the only wine cocktails I’ve had were wine spritzers.

This one included vodka and another ingredient I can’t think of, but I ordered it without the simple syrup because the bartender warned me it could be delightful.

With her slight variation, it was phenomenal. I ordered another glass of Rosé and a red (Sangiovese) and was not disappointed.

This is a great place to hang and chat with the bartenders, grab a bite, or even take a date for a chill night.

BKW by Brooklyn Winery

Perfect date spot. Cute inside with a beautiful and spacious bar area. Kind of upscale rustic feel with partly brick walls.

If you visit during the day, you’ll get a warm and sunny vibe from the skylit ceilings. They offer small bites at reasonable prices and also larger plates if you’re going for dinner.

In general, it may seem a bit pricey, but there are plenty of affordable options. I repeat this would be a perfect date spot if you want to make it clear you’re on a date (because we know we’ve all had those awkward misconceptions!).


This Italian restaurant is an all-in-one wine restaurant. There is a bar (apparently), ample dining space, and a cute and dainty outdoor area.

And with the spacious and lighted bar, there’s plenty of room for interacting with strangers too. Once I walked in alone and struck up a chat with the bartenders on the correct pronunciation of the Italian white wine, Langhe Arneis (no one knew).

And later had a friendly discussion with some of the other bar patrons. So even if you don’t go on a date—or you’re just dating yourself for the day—it doesn’t mean you can’t strike up a match before the end of your visit.

Oh, and did I mention the homemade pasta? Seriously, this spot has got it all.

Alice’s Arbor

Let’s see: farm-to-table American cuisine, local wines, live music on Thursdays, a small outside seating area in the front, Alice’s Arbor is a spot you should check out.

On the corner of Classon and Fulton, it’s in a prime location of Brooklyn where you can walk to other places nearby to keep the party going.

Wild card: Bisou Bisou

Now this one here isn’t a wine bar, and it isn’t in Crown Heights either. But it’s so cute and cool I just had to mention it;

it’s a tiny French-owned restaurant, where the owner/ chef Sebastian personally prepare the dinners for his guests every night.

Stop in and have a chat with him; he’ll elegantly explain his simple yet delectable menu to you.

Translating into “Kiss Kiss,” Bisou Bisou is a pretty intimate spot and the perfect location for a date.

It is one of my favorite places to visit in Brooklyn, and the reason it makes a list is that they carry an impressive grape variety here—an orange wine!

I’ve never heard of this before visiting this restaurant (am I missing something?) and it was certainly a delight. It received the ol’ chef’s Bisou Bisou of delicacy— “much!”


With the recent film out bearing the neighborhood’s name, Crown Heights may soon be seeing, even more, media attention in the coming months.

But with its quickly changing persona, there are plenty of things to be enjoyed here. So, “show love, it’s the Brooklyn way” and stop by on your way to or from the Brooklyn Museum and enjoy a glass or two at one of these places as the perfect formula for a fun and memorable date night. Happy Dating!