Do you love popcorn? And beach towns? Because I know this amazing little popcorn shop in a fun and busy beach town, and you will want to go there ASAP.

The popcorn place is called The Original Popcorn House and the fun and busy beach town is Delray Beach, Florida. Let me tell you more.

When you walk into this cute and quaint popcorn shop, (yes, it’s on the smaller side,) you are immediately greeted by one of their friendly and efficient employees. All of the popcorn is listed on a huge chalkboard sign behind the main display and many of the flavors are in the glass case just before you, waiting for you to try and buy!

You can try any and all flavors that you like. And there are so many different flavors to like! My personal favorite is Dill Pickle Popcorn. This popcorn is a pickle lovers dream and tastes even better than pickles themselves (and I love pickles!)
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The classics are all there, too, including Movie Theater Butter, Cheddar, and Caramel Corn. They have the Popcorn House Mix which combines the cheddar and the caramel flavors in the same batch.

There are other less traditional (but just as delicious) varieties including Loaded Baked Potato, Kettle Corn,Smokey Cheddar Bacon, and Spicy Buffalo. Want something sweet? They have Peanut Butter Chocolate Drizzle, White Chocolate Oreo, Birthday Cake, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and Caramel Tuxedo.
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And because it’s summer, they have seasonal flavors for that, too:

  • Key Lime
  • Garden Fresh (Vegan)
  • Butter Rum
  • Cotton Candy
  • Lemon White Chocolate Oreo
  • Cool Cucumber with Lime
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Pizza

Seriously, this popcorn place has it all, and more! Their website advertises popcorn sundaes, too. Talk about indulging your sweet tooth!

And if you want your friends and family to have some, but they aren’t with you, you can send it their way. If you go into the store and purchase popcorn, you can have them shrink wrap it (for freshness) and take it to any local post office to send it off. You can also send it directly in store (for a price) and they will box, ship, and get it sent out to whoever, and wherever you want. So easy!

Well this popcorn is a bit more than you would pay at the grocery store or to make it at home, but it is truly gourmet and the taste will convince you, even if you are a bit skeptical.

You can also “eat this popcorn on a budget.” To do this, buy a single serve bag and have them do a half and half. You and someone else could share it, still enjoy your treat, and pay only half the cost. The Original Popcorn Place recently started doing daily specials and last time I was there, a single serving of the “daily special” was only $5.99/bag. (If you love dill pickle, too, go on a Friday for their daily special, Dill Pickle!)

Also, nearly all of their popcorn is Gluten-Free with the exception of Birthday Cake and anything with Oreo in it. They also came out with that summer Vegan flavor, and they are coming out with new flavors all the time.
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For me, this popcorn place is reason enough to make the trek to this southern Florida town. But if you love the beach, then you will love this beach town, too. There are tons of restaurants up and down Atlantic Avenue, (the Original Popcorn Place is just about a block off of this street,) ice cream shops, bar and grills, touristy shops, and more. The beach is at the “end” of downtown and public. You don’t have to pay to go to the beach but if you want to rent chairs, you can, for a fee.

My mouth is watering just thinking about all my favorite flavors of popcorn from this great place. Add this to your ‘must visit’ list and get there as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed!