Everyone wants the chance to travel with their significant other. Flying to a new place, trying new foods, and seeing beautiful sights together is an unforgettable experience. But, airlines are getting stricter about the carry-on size and it's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. But, there are many easy solutions to remedy this problem! Follow these simple rules for packing and you'll have everything you need for that weekend getaway, plus room still for a bit of shopping.

Buy Yourself Packing Cubes

Before doing anything further, go ahead and order yourself a set of packing cubes! These will become your best friend, guaranteed. Essentially they are cloth bags with a zipper, but surprisingly, they do a fantastic job of compressing clothes. That means that you can maximize the space in your luggage while not sacrificing too many items. A set of five on Amazon costs only $22.95, so keep a few for yourself and share a couple with your significant other if you're feeling generous.

Time to Pack!

Now let’s get to work. A good formula to use when packing is to take the number of days you'll be away and divide by two. That is the number of pants you're allowed to have for your trip, including what you wear on the plane! For example, if you are arriving at your destination Friday morning and leaving Monday evening, you should wear one pair of pants on the plane and pack one in your carry-on. Although that sounds daunting, pants don't pick up odors as easily as shirts and can be worn multiple times!

As for shirts and sweaters, apply the same rule but add one. So, for a Friday-Monday trip, wear one shirt or sweater onto the plane, and bring two other shirts or sweaters in your carry-on. This means that you will only have to repeat tops once.

A Little Something Special

At this point, you might feel a bit naked, so to speak, without having a plethora of clothing options for your trip. Since you've saved so much space in your luggage so far, a fun way to make sure you still feel confident in your looks is to pack a nice dress or a couple of tops for the evening. A dress and tights or two shirts won't take up much room, but they will give you the satisfaction of wearing something new over a romantic dinner with your partner.

Extra Pro Tips

  1. Forgo those little travel tubes of toothpaste! Generally, they're not much cheaper than buying a full tube, and they hardly last. A good solution is to buy a regular tube once you get to your destination and share it with your partner!
  2. If you’re traveling during the winter, try and wear your bulkiest pieces on the plane to ensure you utilize your carry-on space.
  3. Keep your clothes smelling great throughout your trip! Buy a small spray bottle and make your own clothes freshener. Since you'll be wearing the same outfits multiple times, spraying them with a nice scent keeps them fresh and smelling like new. You can also use it as a body spray instead of bringing perfume! All you need is a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, such as lavender, and water!