Welcome to East Africa, a savanna climatic home of amazing romantic holiday destinations. Here you find the world-famous game reserves, national parks, lakes, beaches, and impressive ancient coastal towns. East Africa is made up of five countries; Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Let’s have a look at some of the best romantic destinations in East Africa.

Masai Mara – Kenya

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Masai Mara is home to the 8th wonder of the world – Wild beast migration. These breathtaking creatures migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Park in Kenya.

Between July and August, the animals move to Kenya. The river at this time is dry which means the vegetation in Serengeti is dry. And between November and December, the river is full, and they return home to Serengeti.

They cross river Grumeti, and river Mara full of hippos and crocodiles and only the strongest make it across. Some die of natural causes; others are eaten by crocodiles, lions, and other carnivores in the park. The site after that is not appealing to the remains of dead wild beasts causing fights among vultures and other scavengers.

During the migration season, book a hot air balloon and enjoy bush meals as you explore what nature has to offer.

You can visit the Masai Mara any other time of the year. The park is abundant with wildlife, and you’ll also spot 4 of the big 5 (The African Rhino is a currently rare species). Other than spotting wildlife, life in the park will escalate romance for sure. Several belly dancers and performance from the Masai community, bush breakfast, bonfires, and bush dinners are some of the typical activities you can engage in.

Rafting on the River Nile – Southern Sudan

Southern Sudan is the newest baby in East Africa. After suffering years of civil war and historical injustices, this country is now ready to stand on its own. Tours and travel companies are also making a comeback with exciting itineraries. A favorite activity for couples regardless of age is rafting on River Nile.

You can choose simple canoes or bigger vessels depending on how adventurous you are. There is a section of the river that doesn’t harbor crocodiles, and this is where most of the rafting occurs. Along the way, you’ll interact with several fishers and fishmongers. And if you know how to fish, why not join them?

The Sudd swamp region is an exciting place to spot hippos very early in the morning.

In the evening, watching the sunset by the river as you roast your catch in open fire is an exciting adventure. Alternatively, you can have a local or international chef do all the dirty work as you rekindle your love.

Lake Tanganyika - Zambia

This is the longest (660 kilometers) and the second deepest (1436 meters) freshwater lake worldwide. Zambia has developed some sections of this lake for tourism activities. As a couple, you can scuba dive, Snorkel, fish, and much more. However, beware that some parts of the lake are home to water cobras, hippos, and crocodiles.

The warm weather makes the lake suitable for water sports, swimming, and diving.

Zambia is a beautiful country covered with lush green vegetation.
Hotels are well developed to give your nights a memorable experience. Their cuisine is sumptuous and delicious. In March, the country hosts ZNFC (The Zambia National Fishing Competition) which attracts over 100 fishers both African and International. This lake is home to different beautifully colored fish.

Nakupenda Beach – Zanzibar

Although an independent country with its president and parliament, Zanzibar, and Tanzania maintain a strong political union. Zanzibar is a little island surrounded by beautiful, clear blue waters. If you love ocean and beach life, this is the place to be.

The safe sandy beach is excellent for swimming and just laying around, and it is always sunny and bright throughout the year.

Nakupenda (a Swahili name meaning I love you) beach is a favorite for most people due to its clean waters and strategically located resorts. The beach is also within proximity to stone town, a town rich in tradition and heritage. In the evening, stone town showcases a rich cuisine from its street food vendors. What a way to end your evenings!

Karibu East Africa

The savanna climate in East Africa brings warmth throughout the year. The vegetation is vast with lush green grass and trees covering a considerable part of East Africa. Some areas are semi-deserts and ideal for desert safaris and extreme endurance sports. There is always something for everyone.