Foodies may be changing the way you think about everything, and in this article, I explain 8 reasons, so share the food, I mean, the love!

1.Foodies help you appreciate a wider variety of food.

Food is to a foodie as breath is to life. One cannot live without the other, and so, foodies choose to enjoy all the food choices available to them. This means that foodies will create new dishes that are different from the traditional dishes you may be accustomed to, and you may be inspired to try more new dishes or to create your very own. Since many people like the same food to have over and over again, a foodie will help you change your mind about what it means to try having more variety incorporated into not just your food, but also your life. Aren't foodies a breath of life?

2.Foodies may help you become healthy.

Problems eat away at foodies too, and most foodies are aware of their health. Most foodies may be known for liking gourmet food, but some foodies may be known for being strict vegetarians or vegans, coming up with recipes you may never have thought twice about. However, some foodies of this type may believe so strongly in their way of life that it may rub off on you the wrong way should you let them. That is why it is important to understand that you are in control of what you do and say and with whom you spend your time with. You can only do so much to avoid what you see on television and read about in the daily newspaper about animal rights, what experts believe about nutrition to be true, and what exercise equipment you should buy but probably won't. If a foodie is also a health-minded individual, you may be able to help one another achieve many health-related goals and may discover more about your tastes in more than just food.

3.Foodies may inspire you to begin growing your own crops in your own garden.

Since foodies love being in the kitchen, what you may not have known is that if they are able to have a garden, they may also love being in their garden as much as in their kitchen. Gardens are very beneficial for more reasons than just for growing food. This is because gardens can be a peaceful place to rest after a hard day’s job well done. A garden doesn't have to be just for the spring, summer and fall seasons. Some foodies may love to incorporate a fire pit nearby their garden to enjoy during the winter. Being able to enjoy each season with food is what makes a foodie very happy. If you are the type of person who wishes to be outside more, becoming a foodie yourself may help you enjoy the changing of the seasons more. Besides, not many people will want to go outside when it is cold, so you will have plenty of alone time to spur on some creativity that you couldn't have found otherwise.

4.Foodies can teach you how to meal prep, be organized in the kitchen, and plan recipes ahead of time.

Many people complain that they don’t have enough time to get everything done for the day. For a foodie, planning means everything to them. Not only does planning go into recipes and getting ingredients in the grocery stores, but planning helps in keeping the kitchen organized and knowing how to think ahead. Foodies can teach you how to place older items in front of the refrigerator and newer items in the back before the expiration date arrives, and foodies can also teach you how to make one large recipe and divide it into servings for the week so that you can freeze them to take to work or school with you the next day for an easy morning if you are ever in a hurry, which most people are. The amount of planning a foodie does is remarkable as they are constantly thinking about what they want to create next and how that will go with whatever they have.

5.Foodies may be the reason why you want to live on a farm or near your local supermarket.

Sometimes a garden is just not enough for a foodie, and so a farm will suffice. Why? When foodies were little, probably before they were foodies, they went to a farm to see the animals, get ice cream and maybe a treat or two at a festival if they were good. As the foodie grew up, they may have become dissatisfied by the lack of farms around them and the lack of experiences they can share with others to recreate their beloved childhood experiences. Not everyone is a foodie at heart, but many people are still forever young at heart.

6.Foodies may change your mind about your career choice.

On the contrary, if a foodie does inspire you with their dedication to their love of food and their care to their yard, you may rethink your career choice. You may think to yourself that everyone needs to eat, so why not find a job that never disappears? However, since not everyone can cook, you will need to evaluate your ability to make dishes on the spur of the moment that pleases all your guests. This is because not everyone should be in the kitchen, as nice as the job sounds to be around food all day.

7.Foodies may be the reason why the holidays are even more special.

If a foodie were to make cookies for the holidays, they are more likely to make several batches and to share them with their friends and family. Foodies take great care in how they make their food, and the details speak for themselves. Nothing makes a foodie happier than to see the smiles their treats bring their loved ones. Foodies have a passion for what they love, and that passion is something you can actually taste, hence the saying, "made with love." It is for these moments that foodies live for, and to see such a sight is what you could be longing for too.

8. Foodies may know how best to take care of you when life gets you down.

Everyone either misses or wishes their mother could cook and bake for them. A foodie is like that for some people, and not just when they are deserving of the attention. A foodie may feel happy to be of service to help those they love. This could extend further to a foodie volunteering when people are in need of food, and not many people will turn down food or the love that brought that food to them. A foodie may teach you how to love serving others, even when you think you are unworthy or that you have nothing to offer. Everyone needs love, and sometimes those who are sick or hurting need love the most. Food is a comfort, after all, and warm food warms the soul.

Photo by Jarosław Ceborski on Unsplash