While Spring is meant to be the season of love, I believe that fall is the most romantic of the four seasons. The air is beginning to chill, so it’s the perfect time to cozy up to your loved ones.

The leaves are starting to change colors, so nature is at its most beautiful, and of course, there are tons of romantic dates for your, and your SO to go on that can only be done in the fall!

Here are ten romantic and affordable date ideas for Autumn:

1. Pumpkin Picking and Carving

While picking pumpkins can seem childish or worse… cliché, there’s nothing more fun! Pick the biggest pumpkin, roundest pumpkins you can find and take some pictures with your sweetie while picking.

When you get home, have a pumpkin carving contest and see who can make the most artistic carving… if neither of you is particularly creative, have a competition to see who can make the funniest carving.

There are tons of cool tutorials online to create intricate or clever designs that you can use directly or draw inspiration from.

2. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a lot like pumpkin picking, but with a little more work. Not only is apple picking loads of fun, but it leaves you with tons of fresh fruit for you to cook with, bake with, or just eat on its own.

3. Wine and Cider Tasting

Wine tastings are year-round, but fall leaves you with the super delicious option of cider tastings as well. Cider is by far the most underrated of fall beverages, and hard cider is a fun alternative to beer that doesn’t leave you feeling all full and bloated.

4. Fall Festival

While Fall Festivals often encompass a lot of the dates idea on this list like apple and pumpkin picking, apple cider tasting, and hay rides, but also hold a unique sense of community, which can bring you and your partner together. Find a fall festival in your area, unpack your warmest sweater, and head out to your local Harvest Festival.

5. Football Game

One of the highlights of the fall is that football is back on TV. If you’re a sports fan, try to get tickets to see your favorite team – or if you can’t get those, see a football game at a local college. Have fun rooting for your team with your date and get into the spirit by wearing team colors.

If you don’t want to be out in the fall weather, you can watch a football game together at home or a local bar – if you’re rooting for rival teams, whoever’s team looses can give the other a massage.

6. Homecoming

If you’re not too keen on going to watch football at a local college, head out to your alma mater for Homecoming and watch their game. Bring your partner and introduce them to your old college pals, take them out to the local bars and show them what it was like to go to your school. Homecoming is geared toward alumni, so be prepared to have lots to do on and off campus!

7. A Hay Ride

Hayrides are usually in connection with pumpkin or apple picking, but they’re also fun and romantic ways to take in the fall scenery. Cuddle up on a hay bale and enjoy the ride... or if you’re looking for something a little more thrilling, head out to a Haunted Hayride, which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

8. A Haunted House

If you’re looking for something scary that doesn’t require you to be outside, try a Haunted House. With Halloween just around the corner, be on the lookout for Haunted Attractions in your area, and of course, the more well-known ones like Pennhurst Asylum.

If you’re both feeling brave, this is an excellent way to bond! Prepare to be scared though – these actors don’t mess around, and at some of these places, you have to sign a waiver even to come in – yikes!

9. Scary Movie Marathon

Or, perhaps you’re looking for something that’s a little more low-key. You want to be scared, but you want to be able to snuggle with your sweetie.

A scary movie marathon is a perfect way to curb your desire for a fright without breaking the bank or much preparation.

Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and snuggle up on the couch – if you’re looking for a flick that’s not too scary watch something like Scream or if you’re feeling brave, watch a movie like The Conjuring

10. Halloween Party

Halloween parties are the perfect way to spend the holiday – well, other than trick or treating. If you’re hosting the party, make a bunch of spooky Halloween themed drinks and snacks for your guests… either way, dress up in a coordinating costume with your date and wow everyone with your creativity! Halloween parties are a lot of fun and allow you spend time in good company with your date.

The leaves are turning colors, the weather is cooling down, the days are getting shorter, and everything is about to get a whole lot more romantic. Take your partner on of these super cute fall date ideas and get ready to see the beauty of fall.

Image credit: pexels