If you have ever heard the expression that “it was better than sex,” then you are probably talking to someone who has not had an earth-shattering orgasm before. This is especially true if that person is a woman.

When it comes to the female orgasm, it can sometimes be hard to achieve satisfaction. Unfortunately, there are women who struggle to reach the “Big O.” In fact, there have been a lot of surveys done that make it clear that only 25 percent of women have ever had an orgasm. Of those women, many of them don’t achieve orgasm through actual intercourse. This is all rather sad, especially when you think about the fact that surveys indicate that 90 percent of men have achieved orgasm every single time they have had sex.

Ultimately, women want to achieve orgasm too, and this means figuring out exactly how to make that happen. In order to do this, it also requires knowing a bit more about the female orgasm.

There are actually different types of female orgasm. And as the Guardian Liberty Voice reported, there are actually five types of orgasm, and each of them is unique. In fact, one of the orgasms listed is actually a skin orgasm that is associated with listening to music and the chills that give a person.

On top of the five different types of orgasm, there are also varying degrees of orgasm. There is the small orgasm that sees the vagina, anus, and uterus all contracting at once anywhere between three and five times. Then there is a large orgasm, which sees these three parts of the female anatomy contracting up to 15 times.

Obviously, stimulation is extremely important to achieving an orgasm, and no matter what type you have, it is all about what gives you pleasure. Below we discuss the different types of orgasms, and hopefully, this can help you to achieve satisfaction more often, or at the very least understand what you need to find true pleasure.

Types of Female Orgasm:

G-Spot Orgasm

The G-Spot orgasm has been considered a myth by some because of how “rare” it is, however, this particular orgasm is actually a vaginal orgasm. These are the types of orgasm that require sexual intercourse to achieve, and they are actually hard for many women to achieve.

The joy of the G-Spot orgasm is the fact that it actually ends up being a full body experience. It typically lasts longer and gives a lot more pleasure than one would expect. In fact, women who can achieve the G-Spot orgasm are often able to have multiple orgasms, although there is no guarantee.

Clitoral Orgasm

When it comes to achieving orgasms, perhaps the most common is the clitoral orgasm. This is where most women are able to get the most “bang for their buck” and really have some fun. With so much sensation all centered in one place, the clitoral orgasm is a lot shorter in duration. However, it is also a climax that is sharp and even bursting in nature, so it is a very fast sensation that simply does not last long.

Unlike the G-Spot orgasm that requires intercourse to be achieved, the clitoral orgasm is one that can be achieved with a partner or alone. Masturbation or sex with a partner can bring on this type of climax. Oral sex is another great way to achieve a clitoral orgasm, and it is definitely one that plenty of women recommend.

A Coregasm

Okay, hear me out. There is an orgasm that is achieved via exercise. While it may not be the same type of pleasure as a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, this is still a pleasurable experience and one that anyone can appreciate. There is even a book called the Coregasm Workout which can teach women how to achieve this type of orgasm, as well as the benefits of this climax.

A Blended Orgasm

Just like the name suggests, this is an orgasm that is a combination of both the vaginal and clitoral orgasm. This is a climax that happens when both of these types of orgasm are basically achieved at the same time because of dual stimulation to both the G-Spot and the clitoris. This is the kind of orgasm that is more likely to be a large orgasm, with even more contractions and overall pleasure.

In order to achieve a blended orgasm not only is it important to target the clitoris and the G-Spot, but foreplay is going to be extremely vital. This is the kind of climax that is only going to happen when every single sense is on fire and your body is at the pinacle of pleasure.

No matter what kind of pleasure you achieve or orgasm you are able to have, finding satisfaction is an amazing experience that everyone should be able to have at least once. Knowing which kinds of orgasm there are, and even how they can be achieved, can help you to figure out how you too can finally experience the “Big O.”

Image Credit: Pixabay