The City of Love: 9 Ideas and Things to Do on a Date in Paris

The City of Love: 9 Ideas and Things to Do on a Date in Paris

Well over 20 million people check into Parisian hotel rooms every year. Tons more call Paris home.

Whether you’re visiting the “City of Love” or are just passing through, if you’re with a significant other, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to enjoy a romantic night in town. But what things to do on a date are available to you in Paris?

As it turns out, a lot of things.

In this brief write-up, our team walks you through some fun date ideas that you and your partner will fall in love with.

1. Tour Versailles

Just outside of Paris is the Palace of Versailles. Many figures of European royalty have called this massive structure home over the years. Today, it’s maintained for the enjoyment of tourists.

If you’re in Paris during quiet periods, popping into the palace in the afternoon can make for a fun date. What’s even better is taking a stroll out in Versailles Gardens which many find to be more impressive than the palace itself.

Given the number of tour operators that service Versailles, you can plan a day trip to the monument with relative ease. Just be sure to avoid the area during the summer as visitors decimate the place.

2. Enjoy Handmade Ice Cream and Street Performances

A lot of people don’t come to Paris for art or romance… They come for the food.

Given Paris’s fabulous relationship with gastronomy, coming to Paris to eat is a fair enough reason to visit the city. Especially if you’re an ice cream lover.

Walk through any one of Paris’ districts and you’re bound to find several handmade ice cream parlors that are well worth popping into. Once you and your lover have a cone in hand, feel free to walk around the streets near Notre Dame to enjoy street performances.

Tips are, of course, appreciated.

3. Drink Wine by the Water

The breathtaking Seine River is an impossible site to miss when you’re strolling through Paris. What’s also impossible to miss is the slew of young lovers that gather along its banks to drink wine and watch the ships breeze by.

If you’re looking for things to do on a date, we recommend that you join those river loving couples and enjoy a romantic evening of your own by the water.

It won’t be something that you’re likely to forget.

4. Split a Baguette Which Watching a Light Show

French baguettes are a staple of Persian’s diets since they’re delicious, cheap and filling. If delicious, cheap and filling food is up your alley, pop into a local bakery, pick up a baguette and head over to the Eiffel tower.

Once the sun comes down, at the top of each hour, the tower will put on a free light show for onlookers which makes for a wonderful date night sight.

5. Go on a Street Art Scavenger Hunt

Many of France’s best artists don’t have their work showcased in museums. Instead, their art lives on Paris’ streets.

To enjoy a unique date night, consider grabbing a warm drink and exploring Paris with your partner to see how many street masterpieces you can find. You might be more inspired by what you see outside than what you see in establishments like the Louvre.

6. Head to the Louvre

You’d think that after we talked up street art and talked down museums, the last thing we’d do is recommend heading to the Louvre. Let us be clear about this…

Street art can be incredible. So can the pieces that you’ll find sitting in the most famed museum on earth, obviously.

For a more refined evening of culture, grab your Louvre ticket and spend the evening exploring its labyrinth of pieces with the person that you love. To get even more out of your experience, consider investing in one of the fabulous audio tours that are offered in the Museum’s front office.

7. Boat Through Canals

Rather than watching ships wave through canals while sitting on the water’s banks, consider hopping on one of the boats.

Seeing Paris from the water is a special experience that every tourist and local should partake in at least once. A romantic boat ride is sure to set the mood for an excellent dinner and whatever else you and your partner might partake in later in the night.

8. Catch a Movie

Are there any things to do on a date ideas that are more classic than a trip to the cinema? We don’t think so.

There are several great theaters in Paris, many of which play classic, Parisian movies which serve as a nice break between watching Marvel blockbusters.

Grab some light food, catch a flick and then pop into a local restaurant for a memorable nightcap.

9. Dance the Evening Away

If you love dancing then you’ll love Paris. Whether you choose to dance under the stars as street performers play by the Eiffel tower or opt to take your talents to any one of Paris’ dance halls, you and your lover will have a blast swaying in one another’s arms until the sun comes up.

Your Things to Do on a Date in Paris Options are Limitless

The things to do on a date in Paris suggestions that we shared with you barely scratch the surface of your options. Paris is a massive city with a virtually unlimited amount of romantic options to enjoy.

Get creative, put yourself out there and have an unforgettable evening!

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