Have you ever been on a blind date before? How was the experience for you? The dating world has changed drastically over time. If you are not so socially active or too shy to make a move, request a friend, or a dating platform to hook you up with a potential date. The hardest part is going on the actual date with a total stranger.

However, blind dates have proven to work beyond expectations for most people. Some lead to beautiful love stories and eventually marriage. Unfortunately, for others, the outcome has been nothing short of disastrous. I think it all depends on the first impression you make. That is why the first date is always important in any relationship.

It is not guaranteed that a blind date will always respond as imagined. However, the following tips should help you make things better for you.

Minimal Expectations. Do not walk into the date expecting to meet Marlon Brando or Angelina Jolie. There is no Mr Perfect, and the long sweet conversations should not raise your hopes a notch too high. To avoid disappointment, walk in with minimal expectations. Not that it is bad to be optimistic, just don’t overdo it. However, be clear with your principles from day one. If you don’t like something, feel free to discuss it with your date.

Dress Comfortably. This is not the time to dress to impress or to simply look attractive to your date. Wear something comfortable and let your dress code give you confidence. Casual outfits will always create a good first impression and ease tension.

Stay Open-minded. Don’t be too quick to draw vague conclusions. Stay calm and learn new things about your date and stay focused on their good side for a start. You will be surprised how well you two connect because with a positive attitude it will be easier to engage in a good conversation.

Get Involved. Don’t just sit there and expect things to work naturally. Take the initiative and start a conversation. Try something different. Talk about what you both fancy, for instance, and ignite that sparkle. When a topic is beyond your interest or understanding, mention that politely and propose a change of subject.

Have a Good Time. Don’t be so lost on impressing your partner that you forget to enjoy yourself. Not to be selfish but you are also there to enjoy yourself.

Be Yourself. Remember you are both strangers to each other. Don’t create a nonexistent perfect façade for the sake of your date. Express your true self and let the other person like you for who you are not who you are trying to be.

Be Courteous. Don’t be rude whatever your disappointments might be. Respect the fact that you both took some time off for this. Your date might not be as exciting as you thought, but hey, what did we say about expectations?

Speak Out. At the end of the date feel free to tell your partner what you think about them and if there are any chances of there being a relationship moving forward. No one likes being left in the dark. Remember always to be courteous enough so that you don’t hurt the other person’s feelings.

Blind dates are not always (maybe never) the best approach to dating. Some are prone to fail, but when they work, they can lead to very beautiful stories. There is no manual that will guarantee you success entirely. You have to make some effort on your side.

People relate differently to others, and while it is helpful to prepare yourself, be natural and don’t force or rush things. Work on yourself first and be that person whom you would want to date. Not that you should be perfect but rather less imperfect. It is only when we are at peace with ourselves that our hearts will open up to healthier lasting relationships.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you do on a date be yourself and be comfortable. Otherwise, don’t raise your hopes too high, too soon and stay open-minded at all times. The right one, no matter how long it takes, will always come to us when the time is right and when we are ready for them.

Image Credit: Pexels.com