Once you’ve reached the milestone of getting married it can be easy to fall of the whole “dating” element of the relationship. Sometimes we think of dating as a part of the courtship and nothing else. But in some ways, a relationship is just beginning when you tie the knot and there are endless things to find out about a partner so the courtship should really continue on for the entire relationship. Keeping date nights is the best way to keep that spark alive. You just might have to get a little more creative to make sure that those dates keep you interested. Here are some romantic date night ideas for married couples.

Picnicking at a Free Music Night

Most towns offer up quite a bit of free music if you know where to look for it. (Let’s be honest “free” is a huge bonus when you’re going out regularly.) Museums and parks are common areas for outdoor music to be offered up. Sometimes they’ll sell food and drinks on location, and other times they’ll allow you to bring in your own picnics. There’s nothing quite as romantic as an outdoor picnic, and even better when there’s music nearby to set the mood. This is also a great way to find out about new local music acts and connect with other people in the neighborhood.

Check for Local Date Night Deals

You’re probably not the only couple in town looking for some new fun ideas for date night. Check around for local date night deals and see what other people have already come up with. Sites like Groupon are a great place to check for date night related deals. Sometimes restaurants post discount coupons, shops share gift guides, and places advertise that you might not have otherwise thought of. There are always random deals offered like bowling, painting, go karting, that sort of thing. Romantic inspiration can strike in strange places.

Take a Class Together

We all have interests that we’d like to turn into hobbies. Sometimes taking a class is the best way to head in that direction. Doing so as a couple can make the learning curve fun which is an excellent bonding experience. Classes can cover any topic imaginable but the ones where you get to be creative and use your hands tend to be the most fun. Cooking classes are a top favorite for this reason, and they offer the added bonus of offering practical skills for the day-to-day life. Themed cooking classes can also be a fun way to get in the mood for an upcoming trip or mix a little foreign flavor into your go-to dinner favorites.

Throw a Dinner Party

If socializing is your idea of a good time, there’s no reason why you can’t turn your date night into a social activity. Throwing a dinner party or hosting a couple’s game night will bring the fun to you. Sure there’s some prep and cleanup involved, but you don’t actually have to leave the house to create the feeling of taking part in an activity. Pot lucking is always an option and your friends might even prefer it. That way everyone is guaranteed to find something that they like out of the lineup. Hosting a party with your partner can be a bonding experience and highlight the strengths that you have as a team. For the time crunched it’s also a great way to catch up with a few different friends at once instead of trying to meet up with them all individually.

Make Like a Tourist

Odds are good that there are some touristy activities to take part in where you live that you’ve never even considered going near. After all, you’re not a tourist if you’re a local. But that doesn’t mean that tourist activities can’t still be extremely fun and even educational. Sign up for a local tour, head to the pier, or take that hike that’s usually overrun with tourists. Seeing something from a new perspective with your one and only can make for an unforgettable night out. (Even if you have no intention of ever going back.)

Photo credit: pexels.com