20 Nyc Foodies You Must Follow on Instagram

20 Nyc Foodies You Must Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great tool. With a few taps of your fingers, you have the world at your hands. You can check out photos of people who travel, fashionistas, your favorite celebrities, and most importantly, foodies.

Food porn is a great way to not only garner inspiration for meals to cool, but to get recommendations for places to eat. So if you’re from the greater NYC area or visiting the Big Apple, check out these NYC based foodie-grams.

1. @foodbabyny

Mike Chau travels around the city with his children, photographing not only the food but his kid’s reactions to it. His page is perfect food parents who are foodies or foodies who just also love cute babies. Mike has 222k followers on this account but also has a strong following on his account, @mikejchau, where he posts more artsy photos of food, sans kids. Food Baby NY also has a kick-ass website – foodbabyny.com!

2. @nycfoodgals

NYC Food Gals is an account run by four friends with a mutual love of food. They post lots of videos and pictures of different foods and funny screenshots of their twitter posts. (One reads: “I’m so hungry I could eat my cooking.”) They also run a website where they sell merch that’s got lots of cute slogans at a reasonable price. The NYC Food Gals account has 192k followers.

Lulu Kitchen & Bar #macaron #raspberry #dessert #lulukitchen #sagharbor #nycfoodgals

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3. @laviviennyc

This NYC based food blogger is totally thorough in her execution – she not only styles her photos and arranges her plates, so they look absolutely to die for, she also includes descriptions and reviews for each dish, which is helpful for her followers that are looking for a bite to eat and not just something appetizing for their newsfeed.

4. @hungrybetches

“Eat. Betch. Repeat.” Hungry Betches is run by Queen’s Michelle Mansoor. Her page is colorful filled with delicious looking pastries, sandwiches, burgers, and slices of pizza. Though she started her page as a joke with a friend, the account now has more than 324,000 loyal followers.

A Sunday thang

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5. @newforkcity

This Instagram was created by Natalie Landsberg, Gillian Presto, and Emily Morse, three college students living in the city. The trio posts both original and ‘regrammed’ content and their page has garnered 854,000 followers since their first post.

6. @nycdining

NYC Dining or DIning with Skyler is an Instagram run by 22-year-old Skyler Bouchard. Her Instagram stands out because she includes herself in the photos and includes lots of funny captions, faces, and poses in the process. She started her account with a more serious tone, but ultimately found her niche in developing fun, colorful, content for foodies. She has 163,000 followers and has a website where she details not only her experiences with food but her experiences with traveling around the world.

7. @stuffbeneats

Stuff Ben Eats’ Ben Hon is a real estate agent with a passion for food photography. His posts are super artsy, and he easily makes every dish look appetizing against a backdrop that often hints at where he might have gotten each dish. In each description, he gives you a link directing you to where he bought the dish and offering you his thoughts on the food and atmosphere. Ben has a rather small following of 38.5k; he’s a hidden gem of the NYC foodie-verse.

Eating at @bangna_thaifusion is a wing wing situation. 😄🍗 – The nonstop eating tour continues with @scrumphsus. Check out Bang Na Thai Fusion for a fun, Thai inspired menu with a twist. 🙏🏻 @stirandstyle for the rec and Vikorn for the amazing hospitality! 🍗: B-wings – deep fried chicken wings, chili powder, rice powder, served with sweet and sour sauce. . . . . #bangna #thaifood #friedchicken #chickenwings #EEEEEATS #eater #eatingLA #visitcalifornia #losangeles #discoverLA #instayum #yummie #buzzfeast #timeoutLA #LAfoodie #infatuation #newforkcity #vscofood #foodpornography #eaterLA #foodandcuisines #instafood #nomnom #nomnomnom #bestfoodworld #infatuationLA #hypebeast #foodilysm #noBSfood #BenEats_LA

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8. @noleftovers

Jackie Rose Gebel runs No Leftovers, has 308k followers and one of those tiny blue check marks next to her name – so she’s a verified foodie! Her full site (noleftovers.com) is currently a WIP but offers a ton of information about Jackie herself. She loves to travel and visiting the best spots in NYC for food and cocktails.

9. @indulgenteats

Indulgent Eats is a foodie-gram run by Jen Bailsi, who is a self-described “NYC gal trying to indulge in the best dining, home-cooked recipes, and travel destinations around the world.” With 338k followers, Indulgent Eats is a great place to find inspiration for your next cheat day meal. On her website (indulgenteats.com) she also posts recipes, reviews, and food guides. She also talks about fashion and fitness.

10. @eatingwithminnie

Minnie Kim is a NYC based food Instagrammer who originally hails for Seoul, Korea. Her food is always artfully placed and beautifully displayed, and she often includes pictures of fruit from the local Farmer’s Market. She has 62.6k followers.

Find yourself friends who are just as sweet as this Nutella pizza ❤️

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11. @grilledcheesesocial

Grilled Cheese Social is run by Mackenzie Smith, who not only cooks most of the meals she posts but also posts pictures of her cute little puppy, Elote (follow him on Instagram @elote.thedachshund.) Subscribe to her website, grilledcheesesocial.com, to keep up to date with all of her coolest recipes, her travels, and her pop-ups. She has 44.8k followers and an awesome website where you can buy stickers, patches, and some of her favorite cooking accessories.

12. @coffeeandchampagne

Michelle Williams is an NYC based foodie-grammar who has mastered the art of presentation. With 115,000 followers on Instagram, Michelle’s photos are delicate, yet savory. Her website, coffeeandchampagne.com, has recipes, restaurant reviews, and guides. She also hosts events around the city, so make sure to subscribe to her page, so you’re up to date on those!

Diagon Alley isn’t the only alley where magic happens 🍜✨: @littlealleynyc

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13. @moodyfoodyadventures

Jason Moody is the Moody Foody with 59.8k followers on Instagram. His posts are simple – beautiful photos of food and drink and a description with a quick description and review of his meal. You can also check out his website at moodyfooyadventures.com.

14. @onehungryjew

One Hungry Jew is an Instagram run by Rayna Greenberg, who describes the creation of her blog as “one happy accident.” She has always had a love for food and a knack for culinary creations, as evident by her time in culinary school. Her posts are beautiful and artistic, and her meals are often crazy exotic and interesting in both composition and placement. She has 306,000 followers and a website, onehungryjew.com.

All I do is dim dim dim no matter what More from @littlealleynyc on my site, link in bio!

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15. @yeahfoodbeer

Yeah, Food Beer was featured on Refinery’s list of “30 New York Foodies You Need to Follow on Instagram.” With 45.9k followers, Yeah Food Beer is relatively small but impressive. Stephanie Perez created the blog, and she says her “inspiration comes from a combination of wanting to make people eat their phones, getting to hone my craft, and always improving with how I showcase my content.”

16. @briancantstopeating

Brian Lindo of Brian Can’t Stop Eating grew up in eating delicious Caribbean food and now spends his days tasting delicious food in New York City. He loves to cook and loves to take vibrant photos of his favorite NYC meals. With 10.5k followers, Brian’s Instagram is the home of clever captions and giveaways.

17. @tinaeats

Tina Liu runs Tina Eats and describes herself as an ice cream lover and queen. Most of her posts are preciously adorable pics of ice cream, but she also posts her favorite meals at some of NYC’s best restaurants. Her photos are minimalistic, and she has 27.6k followers.

Have a nice weekend everyone 💛

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18. @cleanfooddirtycity

Lily Kunin runs Clean Food, Dirty City, a foodie-gram with a following of 118,000 that posts healthy recipes like smoothie bowls, protein-packed salads, avocado toast, and pasta. Her recipes are featured in her cookbook that can be found “wherever books are sold” called GOOD CLEAN FOOD.

19. @daisybeet

Alex Aldeborgh is a Dietician Intern at NYU and a fitness enthusiast with 52.8k followers who posts meals that are “healthy, easy to make, and won’t break the bank.” All of her photos are vibrant and beautiful – she also describes exactly what she puts in them in each description.

20. @thesweetlifeoflina

Lina Cawog is an eye doctor with an eye for taking delicious looking photos of food. Her photos are lively with bright colors and beautiful backdrops, and she often breaks up her photos of food with photos of her around the city or with her significant other.

Brunch goals. 🖤 @vicsnewyork #Vics #Noho #NYC

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So the next time you’re looking for some more delicious meals on your Instagram feed or in NYC looking for a spot to eat, check out one of these NYC based foodie-grammers.

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