Have you ever been to Lake Geneva Wisconsin? Because it is a must visit city, with a beautiful lake, and my favorite walking path ever.

This is my favorite place in the entire state of Wisconsin, hands down. The Geneva Lake, lake path, provides a fun and challenging hike and walk, no matter what season.

Lake Geneva is a city in southern Wisconsin, and the lake is, of course, called Geneva Lake. It’s the second deepest lake in the state, and one of my favorites.

There are three “paths” to take, unless you’re up for quite the challenge. To go around the entire lake on the path is 21 miles, from start to finish. There are paths from Williams Bay to Fontana, from Lake Geneva to Williams Bay, or from Williams Bay all the way to Lake Geneva. There are also smaller parts of the path which are all gorgeous and fun to see.

My favorite hike and stretch of path is from Williams Bay to Fontana. This is the perfect 7-mile hike, there and back. No matter the season, this lake and path has gorgeous views and you will encounter some of the nicest people around.


So many famous people have houses on Geneva Lake, too. You could walk by houses owned by Michael Jordan, George Clooney, and Richard Branson and really not even know it.

Want to see the sites but not up for a workout? Try out the lake tour! The tours go all around Geneva Lake telling you stories, history, and facts about the pristine beauty of this gorgeous area.

There is also a U.S. Mailboat Tour, yes, a Mailboat. This is literally a boat that delivers mail. There are only a handful of places left that deliver your letters this way, but this is the most scenic by far. About 75 homes on the lake still get mail delivery this way, each day from June 15 - September 15.

But, walking on this path is nothing short of amazing. And you should really give it a go. This path was deemed public by early settlers who said “20 feet leading to the shoreline be preserved as public domain.” Through the seasons, visiting this path, and the lake, is one of the best activities.

You can boat and go to the beach during the summer, enjoy amazing hiking weather and views in the Fall and Spring, and because the lake freezes over, you can even ice fish on it. And in the Winter, when the lake path is too slippery, you can climb down the embankment to walk on the lake and enjoy it just the same.

This lake path and area in Wisconsin is one of my favorite places in the entire world. Even with the traveling I’ve done, and the sights I’ve seen, this place still holds my heart.

When you're in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, you just must visit. No matter the season, no matter what activity you want to do, Lake Geneva has it all and the surrounding cities are tourist havens, too. You can boat, hike, camp, visit restaurants, and travel down gorgeous country roads. Take some time to slow down and take it all in.

Unless you’re a runner, than you can speed up and run the path. But walk a part of it to stop and smell the roses, remove your shoes for a quick dip in the lake or to run your feet through the soft, pretty grass.

Either way, you will love the time you spend here and you will want to come back. Plus, this is small town America making the people nicer, the prices (a little) cheaper, and the sights second to none.