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5 Most In-Demand Things On the Waffle House Menu

The Waffle House is a family place thats’ focus is to bring people together. Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner started The Waffle House franchise in Georgia back in 1955 as a 24-hour sit-down restaurant for their family and friends. The chain emphasizes friendly service and connecting those on both sides of the counter. As Joe Rogers Sr. said, “we aren’t in the food business. We’re in the people business.” 

The Waffle House: Connected at the Counter

Connected at the Counter

Today there are around 2,000 restaurants, all open 24/7, and located in 25 different states. The Waffle House menu today does not differ much from that of 1955. It is expansive and delicious, with a little bit of something for everyone.  

“Smother Your Hunger” With “Good Food Fast”

“Smother Your Hunger” With “Good Food Fast”

The Waffle House menu includes an all-day breakfast section as well as a lunch/dinner section. The breakfast options are filled with all of the classics, such as waffles, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, hashbrowns, biscuits, bacon…the works. The lunch/dinner options include burgers, sandwiches, steak dinners, pies, and much more. It is your classic American menu full of deliciously salty and sweet staples. I am going to break down the top 5 most in-demand things on this Waffle House menu so that when you next go, you won’t be disappointed. 

Read Beyond The Menu for a full description of each and every option. Additionally, check them out on Instagram to see the dishes in action.

The Top 5 Waffle House Menu items

1. All- Star Special

All-Star Special

“The ultimate in breakfast that balances value and taste.  The variety of options makes this the go-to choice to make you an All-Star at work, home, or play.”

To no surprise, the All-Star Special is the number one ranked menu item at The Waffle House. Not only is it the best bang for your buck, but it also gives you quite the breakfast variety. With this one order, you can get a bit of everything from the breakfast menu and fulfill your salty and sweet cravings all in one. The All-Star Special includes two scrambled eggs with toast and jelly; choice of grits, hashbrowns, or sliced tomatoes; a waffle; and your choice of bacon, sausage, or city ham.  Is it worth it? No doubt it is. You are getting 1050 calories worth of food for only $8. 

2. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Hashbrown Bowl

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Hash-brown Bowl

“It’s not just a breakfast in a bowl.  The Waffle House Hashbrown Bowls are the jazz music of the breakfast scene: enduring rhythms, endless improvisation and 100% American.”

The Waffle House Hashbrown bowls are a close second to the All-Star Special. For only $8, these hearty and delicious bowls include large hashbrowns, two slices of melted American cheese, two scrambled eggs, and 2 patties of crumbled Jimmy Dean sausage. This is the perfect option for any bowl lover. Why have your favorite breakfast classics scattered about on a plate, when you can mix them together in a bowl of salty decadence and make each bite uniquely amazing. The Hashbrown bowls are a must-try at Waffle House and the sausage one is the way to go. 

3. Chocolate Chip Waffle

Chocolate Chip Waffle

“The sign outside says all you need to know about our waffles. Since we are the “Waffle House”, the waffles have to be the best in the world.”

You can’t attend The Waffle House and not have a waffle. The Waffle House is home to the perfect waffle. Additionally, why not go straight to the top and get the chocolate chip waffle? The queen of all waffles. If you have a sweet tooth, this is your order. There is no skimping on the chocolate chips either, so prepare for some intense chocolatey richness! You can get a single chocolate chip waffle for as low as $3.50. 

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4. Hashbrowns All-The-Way

Hashbrowns All-The-Way

“Our legendary Hashbrowns are one of the unique items that our Customers crave every day.  Try them Scattered, Smothered & Covered today!”

Why would you want loaded nachos or loaded fries, when you can have loaded hashbrowns? Go big or go home with Hashbrowns All-The-Way. For ​​only $5, you receive world-famous golden delicious hashbrowns with grilled onions, melted American cheese, hickory-smoked ham, diced tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and grilled mushrooms, then topped with Bert’s chili and sausage gravy. You truly get a little bit of everything here. This is a great one to split with the family or if you are feeling really hungry, take it on all by yourself. 

5. Quarter-Pound Angus Hamburger

Quarter-Pound Angus Hamburger

“100% Angus beef.  Cooked fresh to order.  A variety of choices on toppings to customize it just how you like it.  What are you waiting for?”

The fifth most in-demand item on this everything-menu is your classic quarter-pound hamburger. If you are not feeling breakfast food, you can’t go wrong with a burger. For $3.65 this is an Angus Beef Quarter Pound Hamburger (4-oz) with lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions, served on a grilled bun. There is beauty in keeping it simple and going for a staple like a burger. You simply can’t go wrong here. 

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With any of these 5 most in-demand things on the Waffle House menu, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

With any of these 5 most in-demand things on the Waffle House menu, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. Your body and your bank will be beyond satisfied. Don’t walk, but run to your nearest Waffle House and have yourself a feast with family and friends!

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