Everything with you and your new romantic interest seemed heaven sent. Your new relationship showed promising signs of a fantastic time and maybe even a future together. When combined, dreams and imagination have the potential for a love story.

But sometimes love is not enough.

You and your ex-broke things off. Sigh

With some good reflection, maybe you could see there were warning signals from the start. You chose to ignore certain aspects of their personality and selectively loved other aspects. Love is blind.

There's no need for despair. It's cliche, but time does heal all wounds.

What’s the best short cut to feeling like yourself again? That varies person to person, but food has always helped us to feel better.

Let’s explore a few menu items and ideas which can make your lips curve into a smile, shall we?

1. Chocolate

This sweet dessert needs no explanation, but let’s do it anyway. The rich and bold taste of chocolate has heart healing properties. If you’re facing a tough situation or you're having a difficult time finding a solution to a mess, calm down and have chocolate.

2. Whatever you create in your kitchen

Break ups are a time when our thoughts are clouded by our ex's. Let your kitchen be a pleasant and welcomed distraction.

You might find yourself with more free time than you had pre-split. Here is where you can use your creativity to explore and simply have fun while trying to make something tasty for yourself.

Maybe you caught yourself singing a tune while measuring ingredients? Relax and revel in your culinary madness.

3. Your favorite item on the menu at your favorite restaurant

It’s gratifying when you put an effort in treating yourself, but now it's time to be processed by someone else's kitchen.

Visit your favorite restaurant and feel free to dine solo or take a trusted friend. Talk a lot, laugh and live your best lives.

The most important rule, try not to talk about your ex and relationship. Converse on topics that bring you delight and not rehash the past! Maybe you'll even meet someone worth a chance while you’re trying to forget your ex.

4. Ice cream

Instead of counting the calories, count life's happy moments. Treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream! Your favorite flavor and a few good movies will help mend your broken heart. The mere indulgence of ice cream can make us smile, and we can all laugh a little more in our lives.

5. Smoothie

Blend up a healthy way to quell your hunger and make you feel better. Swapping out the junk food for a smoothie will give you the vitamins and nutrients essential to your health.

No guarantees, but you might just get a feeling of control over your life, your emotions and your desires. Pick up your favorite fruits or vegetables and concoct an ingenious combination. Your body will thank you.

6. Cook something you've never cooked before

For whatever reason, break ups tend to give people wild thoughts of temptation. Maybe you've found yourself scouring Craigslist for a new apartment in a new city?

Or Pinterest hunting for new haircuts or shopped around for airplane pilot lessons. Sound familiar? Simmer down!

A relationship's ending signifies a natural passing of time to move out with the old and make way for the new. But please don't do anything radical or irrevocable!

If you're feeling wild and itching to do something, look no further than your kitchen and whip up a feast as you've never attempted before.

Invite your friends and host a fabulous dinner party. Maybe have your local pizza place on the backburner if things so south.

These are merely suggestions to help bring your smile back after your break up. You know your heart and what brings you joy. Wherever your journey takes you, follow it.

Above all else, be happy in your skin and smile because you never know who will fall in love with your gorgeous smile and restore your faith in love.