When it comes to being an independent adult toy consultant, there are many thoughts that come to mind for people. While there are some people who think that all we do is sell sex toys like one would sell Tupperware, there is more to the business than that. Another common comment I hear is that one can just hop on Amazon and get some of these products for less (and let me just say that these are the comments that frustrate me the most because this is my business we are talking about). There are many different assumptions that seem to be made about being an independent adult toy consultant.

With so many different companies and consultants out there, being in the industry can mean different things to different people. While I can only speak for myself, being an adult toy consultant is so much more than just “hawking wares.”

Not only do I use the term intimate romance consultant when describing what I do, but I also feel like my job is about more than just selling toys and lube. Being a consultant in this industry, for me, is about empowering people to explore their sexuality. It is about learning new things and finding ways to share that knowledge with others, and of course, it is also about the toys and fun of a party.

Over the years, I have been with three different companies as an intimate romance consultant, and each one has taught me new things and helped to shape the kind of consultant I am. For me, being a consultant is about teaching people about the products available, helping to expand someone’s sexual fantasies beyond what society may have taught them, and even helping people find new ways to achieve an orgasm. It is about exploring new things and having fun while doing it.

There have been times when I have been told that toys are taboo or an unwelcome addition to the bedroom, but that has not stopped me from wanting to change people’s minds and perspective. There is nothing about adding a toy that should make anyone uncomfortable, and ultimately it is an enhancement, rather than a replacement. We are all different in our wants and needs, and there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to explore new things in our sex life.

Personally, I think toys are a wonderful way for people to not only bring out their own sexuality but also explore their partner’s. There is no right or wrong way to introduce toys into the bedroom, and this is something I feel is important to share with people who choose to have an adult toy party. At the same time, there is more to these parties than just toys.

Most companies offer so many more products than just the sex toys most people think of when the idea of an adult toy party is brought up. The company I work with currently is actually quite impressive in their range of products, and it is something I am very proud of. For many consultants, along with the toys that their company offers, there are also bath and body products, massage products, games, lingerie, and even sexual health items.

While the idea of these parties is certainly to sell toys, there is so much more to it than that. Adult toy parties are also about having fun, finding new things for the bedroom, and feeling empowered in one’s sexuality.

Since becoming a consultant, I have learned so much more about sex, sexuality, and sensuality. It has been the invaluable knowledge that I truly love sharing with others because it is so much more than just about the toys. I am certainly not an intimate romance consultant for the money, because I have never truly made that much doing these parties.

Instead, I have been able to empower women to find their pleasure, while also learning myself. On top of the empowerment of others, being a consultant has allowed me to meet some new and interesting people who have expanded my own horizons.

Although this business is not for everyone, it is definitely one that I recommend to people who want to explore something new, while also helping others to really embrace their sexuality. Whichever company you choose, remember that this is an experience, unlike any other, and one that is all about having fun and embracing the power of sex and sensuality.

Image Credit: Pixabay