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What Makes Someone a Foodie? Here Are the Signs

Do you know what it means to be a foodie? Essentially it means that you are particularly interested in food, especially gourmet food. But do you know the signs of being a true foodie?

The thing is that just because you are interested in food (who isn’t), that doesn’t mean you are a true foodie. That’s why we pulled together a list of signs to determine if you really are a gourmand.

Look beyond your love of things like cookbooks and shopping for goodies at the farmers market, and remember there is more to being a foodie than just eating all the food.

Knowing the Best Restaurants

Do your friends ever turn to you to find the best places to eat out? Are you in the know about the different restaurants around your town/city?

Being a true foodie means that not only do you know the best restaurants (including the hidden gems and holes in the wall), but you also know what food to recommend as well.

This means that you have tried multiple dishes on the menu and can say definitively that one dish is better than another, or that the chicken is never dry no matter which choice you make.

Knowing About the Ingredients Used

From restaurants to your own kitchen, being a true foodie means knowing where the ingredients in a dish come from. It means knowing if something is local or organic.

Basically, you know every ingredient used and in many cases, you know about things like sustainability and a restaurant’s history of organic versus non-organic products.

Your List of Favorite Foods is Extensive

When it comes to naming foods you love and enjoy the list seems endless. And while there may be some favorites that top the list, the reality is that you have a list of foods that extends beyond a handful.

We are talking about not just loving a certain dish or two, but also having specific dishes at multiple restaurants that you would list as a favorite.

It is about being able to name off 20 or 30 things that make your mouth water. (And even though it can make choosing a restaurant hard, it is also easy because you always have options.)

You Can Tell When Food is Fresh

As a foodie, you can tell when food is fresh just by tasting it. Even if you didn’t pick the ingredients out yourself, you can see the difference and taste it.

You know when food has been frozen or if something as simple as the salsa or guacamole was made in the restaurant.

Even at home, you can tell the fresh from the old and frozen. Basically, your palate is refined enough to identify the best foods, no matter what.

You Include Restaurant Planning in Your Travel Itinerary

Even when you are planning a vacation or some other getaway, you always look at the restaurants in the area you will be visiting. Just because you are traveling, it doesn’t mean you forget about your love of food.

In fact, it is often a chance to find new restaurants in new locations. And as foodies, that is something we all want, restaurants to visit in every city around the world.

You Don’t Need Help From the Waiter/Waitress

When it comes time to order, you don’t need to ask too many questions. The reality is that there are terms on the menu that might confuse other people, but not you.

Instead, you know the fancy terminology. You don’t need to ask what something like sous-vide means, because you know already and you may even be able to do it yourself in a kitchen.

Sure, taking pictures of your meal, knowing the names of celebrity chefs, and watching cooking competitions might make you knowledgeable about food, but it doesn’t actually make you a foodie.

The reality is that being a foodie is so much more than that, it is having a strong palate, knowing actual cooking techniques, and being able to identify the best meals anywhere you go.

So, are you really a foodie? Or are you more someone with an appreciation for food? Either way, we all love food and there is nothing wrong with shouting it from the rooftops (or social media).