You and your partner are getting ready for the big day, only it isn't your big day, it is someone else's. When it comes to getting ready for a wedding, it can be tricky to determine what to wear. The last thing you want to do is overshadow the bride or dress in such a way as to make yourself stick out like a sore thumb.

While men tend to have it a bit easier when it comes to formal and semi-formal wear, as well as professional attire, women have to figure out exactly what will work and won't in order to be wedding appropriate.

Even when there is a dress code, you may still wonder what will work for you, without causing problems or embarrassment. Plus, you still want whatever you wear to complement your wedding date.

At the same time, those dress code instructions can often be confusing, because really what do you mean by cocktail casual or even beach chic. No matter what the venue or dress code, there are some tips that can help you when it comes to getting ready for a wedding. And hopefully, this can help you make the right choice the next time you have to get ready for a formal occasion with a dress code that is more vague than helpful.

What Not to Wear:

First off, there are definitely some things you should not be wearing to a wedding, unless the bride specifically requests it.

Never wear white - No matter how formal or informal a wedding may be, you should not be wearing white to a wedding. It doesn't even matter if it is a white dress with some other color or print to it. You should be leaving the white for the bride. And if it is a color close enough to white that someone might confuse it with a bridal dress, stay away.

No denim - Jeans should not be worn to a wedding. In fact, denim should be avoided at all costs unless the bride specifically picks denim as part of her approved dress code.

No clubwear - This is a wedding, not a chance to flirt and hook up with people (even if that has been known to happen). Your chest and butt should be covered, and your clothing should not be ripped, torn, or in anyway dirty.

What to Wear:

While some options are dependent on the dress code of the wedding, there are still some suggestions that hold true when it comes to what you should be wearing to a wedding. Here we have some recommendations, including some that are based on specific dress codes.

White-Tie wedding appropriate - If the dress code is white-tie, this means it is going to be one of the fanciest weddings you are likely to ever attend. This means floor length dresses are a must. This includes sticking to dresses that are classy and often solid colors, including black.

Black-Tie wedding appropriate - Again this is a formal wedding, which means once again sticking to floor length options. You can also go with a formal cocktail option, as long as it hits at the knees or lower.

Semi-Formal wedding appropriate - Knee length and cocktail dresses are definitely appropriate for these kinds of weddings. You can have a bit more fun with your outfit when it comes to a semi-formal wedding, and this includes bigger jewelry and even sheath dresses. Remember the attention should not be on you, but still have fun.

Casual wedding appropriate - Even though the dress code might say casual, remember to avoid jeans. If you really want to be safe, think about going with a sundress. You can also do a skirt with a nice top. Even jumpsuits are appropriate for a casual wedding. Just remember that this is still a wedding and you want to look your best.

No matter what the dress code for the wedding is, remember that this is not your time to shine, it is the bride's. You still want to look your best and dress up, but think about toning things down just enough that you still blend in with the other guests and let the woman of the day steal the show.

Image Credit: Pixabay