Kissing is perhaps one of the ultimate acts of intimacy. There is magic to a kiss and for many people kissing is all about expressing everything from desire to adoration. While everyone is different in how they feel about kissing, the amount of physical affection they want to impart upon their partner, or even how they go about kissing someone else, there is still something to be said for that very first kiss with someone.

Although not everyone will find a first kiss to be important, there is still a lot of anticipation and even eagerness when it comes to getting or giving that initial kiss. For some people, a first kiss is something to treasure, while others find that first kiss to be a way to prove compatibility. Whatever your thoughts are on making that move, we have some suggestions for initiating that very first kiss.

Have Your Partner’s Consent

No matter what you are doing, you need your partner’s consent, even when it comes to kissing. You should never try to kiss someone who does not seem to have an interest in kissing you. Even if you have to outright ask them for that very first kiss, it is important not to overstep your boundaries. While we may not want to have to ask the question, if you can’t figure it out based on their nonverbal cues, then it is best to just ask, because the last thing you want to do, is trying to kiss someone who is either uninterested or unwilling.

Make Sure Your Breath is Fresh

Fresh breath is definitely important when it comes to a first kiss. While it may not always be possible to have just brushed your teeth or gargled with mouthwash, at the very least make sure garlic or onions did not play a role in your last meal before that first smooch. Especially when you are first dating someone and that initial kiss has not yet happened, you may want to make sure you always have a mint or gum on hand to pop in your mouth.

Make Sure There Has Been Physical Contact Prior to the First Kiss

Going in for a kiss before you have even held hands is probably not the best idea. Even a light touch is better than just a random kiss that seems to have come from nowhere. Physical contact will also act as some of the nonverbal cues you may use to determine whether or not your partner is receptive to kissing, and it is important to connect in some way prior to moving in for your first kiss.

Make Sure You Smell Fresh

Just like your breath should smell fresh, your body should too. Proper hygiene is important and smelling clean and fresh will make all the difference when you are trying to woo your partner. Kissing means getting up close and personal with your partner, so the last thing you want is for the first kiss to lead to a wrinkled nose, so make sure you are clean and fresh, even if that means wearing perfume or cologne. However, if you do go for the perfume or cologne option, don’t overdo it, because the last thing you want is to overwhelm them either.

Be Mindful of Timing

With this being the first kiss, the last thing you want is for it to go too long or too short. While every kiss is different, be sure to pay attention to body language. As you get more familiar with kissing your partner, you will get a better idea of comfort level and how long a kiss should go on. For the first kiss, however, you will want to keep the kiss short, but not so short that it seems like you are the one who wants to escape the situation.

Pay Attention to Your Tongue (and Drool)

Too much tongue can be a turn off for some people, so make sure you pay attention to your tongue. At the same time, too much tongue can also mean excess saliva. You don’t want your first kiss to be a drool-fest, so make sure you are paying attention so that you don’t end up drowning your partner in spit.

Every first kiss is different, but the one thing they all seem to have in common is that sense of nerves leading up to the moment. Just remember, kissing is all about sharing a sense of intimacy with your partner, so as long as you are paying attention and being attentive, your first kiss with your partner will hopefully not be the last.

Image Credit: Pixabay