Couples argue, or at least they should. It’s a healthy part of every relationship to have the occasional argument. The key is to get out of the fight as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Saying, “I’m sorry,” and really meaning it, goes a far in any relationship. Whether you have a disagreement with family, a friend, or your other person, saying sorry can be a humbling way to show you care.

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I’m not saying you should go around saying sorry all the time and never have fun with life. But if you struck the wrong cord with someone you care about, there are times when you should say, "I’m sorry." These are some of those times.

To Show Respect

It’s good to say, “I’m sorry,” to show someone that you respect them. Respect can be a tricky thing. Lots of us are quick to lose it and even quicker to not to give it. But you have to have a mutual respect for any friendship, coworker, family member, or other person that you want to have in your life.

To Acknowledge Them

The thing is, in an argument, neither party thinks they’re wrong, hence the argument. If someone is very passionate about something, you can at least say, “I’m sorry,” as a way to acknowledge that they are upset about something and almost empathize with them. Getting on their side can be so beneficial and it will make them feel better. Leading me to my next point.

To Make Them Feel Better

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This is just saying, “I’m sorry,” to acknowledge them because you are doing something to make them feel better. By putting them before yourself, and being the first to come to the aid of the other, you will make them feel better. (And it will make you feel good, too.)

To Say, "I Love You"

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I know I’ve said it before but seriously. Sometimes, “I’m sorry,” really says, “I love you,” and really, what’s better than that?

And Because It’s Easy

And it’s worth it. Sometimes, it’s better to just be the bigger person. Sometimes it’s nice to just say, “I’m Sorry.” It’s easy and it’s worth it.

You don’t just say, “I’m sorry” because you did something wrong. Sometimes you can say it to be polite, to show you care, or if you accidentally did something or inconvenienced someone. Sometimes, it’s just nice to say it.

Don’t EVER say I’m sorry with a mean tone or in a sarcastic way. I mean, you can. But don’t in the middle of an argument. It will not end the argument nor will it help it.

It will probably make it much worse and could really ruin your night. Saying I’m sorry can take on all different forms when spoken out loud. But because of its intention, and when said in the right way, it can feel like they’re saying, “I love you,” instead.

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And life is nothing if not all about the people in it. So, be nice to your people, and tell them “I’m sorry.” Or, if you want to, say “I Love You.”