Why Love Is the Most Important Thing in Life

Why Love Is the Most Important Thing in Life

If the relationship doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to start from scratch. Don’t wait for someone or something to do it for you. If you understand that this relationship or this family doesn’t (and will never) make you happy, leave and don’t look back.

Perhaps this will be the only way to change your life and find long-awaited happiness and love. But why exactly we all strive for this magic feeling?

The invention of “love”

It should be mentioned that the word “love” sounded completely different in different eras and cultures. Only recently, in the Western world, the so-called “love” has become free of all boundaries.

Attitudes of society combined with the emergence of effective contraceptives resulted in this feeling being commercialized and advertised.

Everything has changed: a single mother today doesn’t consider her position “shameful,” and a man is not shy about taking his mistress to a corporate party – this only enhances his prestige in his colleagues’ eyes.

“Love” has become a necessary element of a happy life. Often, this is the only “adventure” in the monotonous everyday life of a manager who spends all their time at work.

For other modern people, this is the only way out of loneliness because the traditional communities people belonged to have collapsed, and today, many don’t know any form of intimacy other than the one that happens in bed. It is more a problem of loneliness than purely sensual needs.

If you take another step back into history, you’ll see a curious thing. For thousands of years, people were forced to marry by their parents: sometimes the bride and groom barely knew each other.

Does this mean that humanity lived in the nightmare of imprisonment? Yes, it gave rise to its own problems and conflicts.

However, today, a person lives under the yoke of a new romantic tyranny and online dating questions: in order to get married, you must fall in love, and then preserve this feeling for the rest of your life. And if the feeling fades, it means that “love” is gone, and it’s time for you to look for a new partner. And many either are in constant search or live with an unloved person.

There’s another factor that supports the cult of “love” – ​ money. “Love” is used for advertising and marketing; it provides themes for romantic movies and books; the contraception and abortion industries work for it.

Advertising in its essence is built on the dissatisfaction of desires. So the cult of “love” gave birth to commercialized holidays, like Valentine’s Day.

The main thing in life is the love choice

We doubt our partner or ourselves and keep waiting for a meeting with that special someone. And even having entered into a relationship, we understand that neither love nor happiness ever happened, but something that’s difficult to destroy appeared.

People continue to exist together for many years, not daring to change their lives. So there’s loneliness together. Two people live, sleep, and even raise children together, but there’s nothing between them – only emptiness and hopelessness.

There are many reasons that make it difficult to break off relationships, divorce, or break up: common children, money, business, housing, etc. Sometimes even the opinions of close people prevent us from breaking up, and we’re forced to play the role of a happy couple.

But this is your life. Does it make sense to live it in a lie? For the sake of children? Children feel everything, and it does not make them happy. For the sake of relatives?

They have their own life. Because of the opinions of others? But this is your life, and therefore, it’s up to you to make decisions. Leaving everything as it is, you’re depriving yourself of the opportunity to become happy.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sit and wait for love to overtake you. It must be sought. Don’t be afraid to enter into a relationship. Just don’t trade for surrogates.

Yes, no one is immune to mistakes, especially when there’s no experience in relationships. Our life consists of meetings and partings, which means you shouldn’t be afraid of loneliness. The experience gained will allow you to create a new relationship based on old mistakes.

Life is made up of mistakes

And the opportunity to fix them brings happiness and love into our lives. Always remember it. If the relationship ended, then something was wrong initially.

It makes no sense to search for the perpetrators or keep torturing yourself. If you had the power to change something, you would change it. And if not, then no.

No one is to blame; love is important, but it’s not worth your nerves. But in a new relationship, try not to make the same mistakes and create a real happy family. After all, the main thing in life is love.