Technology has definitely made our lives easier and what came with that is dating. Online dating has been with us for a while now. With it’s slowly fading stigma, it has become more and more popular throughout the years. In fact, people are actually more open that they’re using online dating platforms to meet people compared to before where they’re ashamed to admit it for the reason that they may be perceived as desperate (which they’re not).

What does online dating have that makes it so awesome regardless of the issues that revolve around it. Here are some reasons why:

1. It gives you confidence

Online dating pushes you out of your comfort zone. Once you sign up and build your online dating profile, you are putting yourself out there for other members to see.

Though it could be scary when you want to make a good first impression especially when you start building your profile and start messaging potential matches. It’s normal to feel that you’re overthinking things, everybody does it. But eventually your confidence would show up and you’re more comfortable interacting with fellow members and just be yourself.

2. Red flags are easier to spot

Whether you’re dating online or offline, you can’t deny that there are or will be red flags. A great thing about online dating is that it gives their users the chance to assess a member whether they’re compatible or not right through their profile.

In offline dating, you both have to meet and date the first. If you find them attractive or charming, then red flags (even obvious ones) could easily be brushed off. When you’re online, you become better at judging character more than their physical qualities.

But you have to be cautious though. If their qualities are too good to be true, be careful. They might be scammers. Before diving into online dating, make sure you’re aware of these scamming tactics. A little research goes a long way.

3. You can easily make friends

Online dating sites are so diverse nowadays that there are dating platforms for almost every demographic, culture, religion, and even hobbies. But of course, there are still general dating sites that cater to everyone's needs. With all these dating sites available today, it would be harder for you to choose which one to join.

Decide on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a casual or serious relationship? Or for singles from other countries? Just go for it and experiment, then decide what works best for you. If you’re a newbie at dating your chosen demographic, for instance, it’s African singles. Then a little research on African dating tips is a must.

When you date online, it’s obvious that you have to reach out to members and get to know them. But you can’t deny the fact that not all of them would return your admiration towards them and just remain friends instead. It could be hard to remain friends with someone that you like, but don’t ruin your friendship just because the other doesn’t want to step up your relationship.

4. Many people are doing it

Most people on the planet can practically do anything online especially dating and meeting singles. If you ever wonder how many folks have signed up in an online dating platform, you’d be surprised.

According to Statistics Brain, there are over 49 million people in the U.S alone who have used online dating sites. That’s a lot of members considering that’s 91% of the total population of single people in the U.S as of 2017.

You can’t deny online dating’s convenience and influence to its users. Though before, it has a stigma but these days people are more open-minded to things especially with the substantial growth of technology.