Do you hate your vibrator? Is there just something about it that makes it impossible to find pleasure from it, even though everyone else seems to rave about their own experiences? Well, you are not alone.

While there may be thousands of reviews posted about how amazing this toy is or that vibrator is, there are still women who simply can’t find the satisfaction that others seem to be raving about. With so many people passionately raving about their new battery operated boyfriends and sharing their stories of finding satisfaction with their toys, you might be wondering what is wrong with you that you can’t seem to find the same joy that these other women have. The answer is that there is nothing wrong with you and you’re not alone in having less than stellar experiences with your vibrator.

There are plenty of reasons why you may not enjoy your vibrator, even though you have tried multiple ways and times to make this work for you. Hopefully, by really diving into why so many women don’t like their vibrators and learning some tips to make these toys better for you, you will be able to change things up and find some level of appreciation for your vibrator.

Reasons Your Vibrator Isn’t Working For You:

Vibrators are Impersonal

One reason you may be having problems finding satisfaction with your vibrator might stem from just how impersonal they feel to you. Some women find that using plastic, metal, or glass simply does not have the same feel as warm flesh. This can lead to a sense of disconnect when it comes to playing, and ultimately this means you have subconsciously blocked your ability to find satisfaction playing with your toy.

Make it Personal

A solution to this problem may be to start using the toy with your partner. If you include the toy while you are together, this can change the way you not only view the toy but also make it so that if you choose to play with the toy alone in the future, you will have the memories of your time together to heat things up really. At the same time, incorporating the toy into your sex life can make things more intimate with your partner as well, which is something you will both be able to appreciate.

Your Vibrator Isn’t Strong Enough

Another problem you may have is that your vibrator just doesn’t have the kind of strength or power that will allow you to reach an orgasm. There is any number of reasons why this is the case, including the possibility that the battery is not able to power your vibrator well enough, the battery is dying, or even the vibrator itself just being cheap and weak.

Easy Fixes for a Stronger Vibrator

The easiest thing to do if you are having problems with the strength of your vibrator is to change the batteries. Make sure you are using quality batteries. If the battery does not seem to be the problem, then maybe you need a new toy. This is when you head down to the local adult toy store and get some help to find exactly what you need. With so many options it should not be too hard to find the toy that is right for you.

Your Partner May Be Ruining the Experience for You

While some people have no problem with toys being brought into the bedroom, there are plenty of men and women who seem to have an issue with things like vibrators. Whether it is because they seem to be intimidated by the vibrator or for some other reason, some people simply have no desire for their partner to play with toys, with or without them. This can lead to resentment, including you resenting the toy because of the problems it may be causing.

Ways to Avoid This

There are no easy answers when it comes to how to make your partner not hate toys. You could try getting dual pleasure toys so that both of you can use the toy together, or you could bring in some of the more non-realistic toys and allow your partner a chance to see you play with the toy. It can be hard to make a person comfortable with vibrators if they feel resentful or even intimidated by them and you may ultimately end up deciding that it is not worth the problems or hassles when it comes right down to it.

You Find Yourself Unable to Orgasm Without Your Vibrator

While this may not seem like a reason to hate your vibrator, there are women who find themselves hating the fact that unless they use a toy, they are unable to achieve an orgasm. Unfortunately, when you are single your toy might end up acting as a substitute for a guy, and then once you are in a relationship, it becomes that much harder to achieve an orgasm. If you are in a relationship with someone and find that your toy time is making it so that you can’t find satisfaction with your partner, then it will make sense that you find yourself hating your vibrator.

Find Pleasure Away From Your Vibrator

Unfortunately, this problem could mean it is time to scale back your toy usage. With how dependent you have become on the toy for your satisfaction, it can make it so that you are immune to human sensation. Besides scaling back your vibrator use, you may want to try bringing yourself to the edge with the toy and then stopping and finishing off with your hands. This can slowly acclimate your body back to human interactions and make it, so you are weaning yourself off of vibrator induced orgasms.

Remember that while vibrators can be a great addition to the bedroom, whether you are playing alone or with your partner, they are not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with wanting a more personal touch and making it, so that skin on skin contact is what leads to your satisfaction.

Image by Igor Spasic Via Flickr